Aside from his place amongst the most powerful world leaders, Vladimir Putin is also rumored to be the richest man on the planet. So, it was no surprise to me what showed up when I looked at his natal chart. Get ready for an interesting one.

Vladimir Putin
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There are certain people that just have that vibe, don’t they? There is a kind of aura around them that makes them different, and everyone knows it. Putin is one such man, and for good reason. His astrology stands out like a neon sign displaying for anyone who cares to look that he is indeed a powerful world-player and not to be trifled with.

I have already written an article about The Astrology of Power, and it will explain more thoroughly why many of the aspects I identify in Putin’s chart are important. In fact, I recently wrote an article about Xi Jinping as well, and it is Putin who actually possesses a chart I would have expected President Xi to be born with; one that is absolutely flooded with Pluto, god of power.

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God of the dead.
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The Russian people find Putin to be a charismatic leader. Which is easily explained by Venus in his first house. Venus, goddess of attraction, is well at home in the first house. She loves attention, and he gets it. Hence, it isn’t difficult to understand how people with her in the first house are people we are just naturally drawn to. Again, it is a kind of aura that some people have that we can’t put our finger on. He’s got it in spades with Venus placed here.

We also find that Putin has Venus in an opposition to Jupiter in the seventh house. The seventh house is the house of relationships, friendhsips, and also open enemies. These are the kind of enemies we know about, in contrast to secret enemies located in the twelfth house. With Jupiter here, his enemies are big, larger than life, and ironically, attracted to him through the connection with Venus. The opposition makes for a turbulent relationship though. And it’s obvious, the man’s got enemies. Although, with Jupiter in the seventh, they are often “full of hot air,” and do a lot of posturing.

Next, there is Sun conjunct Mercury. He has many conjunctions to his Sun, so this is just the first I will discuss. This is a position of high mental energy, the Sun lending its rays to the focus of Mercury’s mental realm. These people are always thinking, even to the point of burnout. But it makes for a clever mind, someone who is quick-witted and intelligent. However, it also means someone who identifies closely with their ideas and has trouble separating their ego from what they think.

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The world as chess.
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Which brings me to Sun conjunct Saturn. We see a lot of this with high-powered people. There are several reasons for this. To start, it makes a very organized personality. These folk are staid and patient, they build slowly, and they learn from their mistakes. They can be a little too reserved at times, and this placement can initially cause severe self-esteem problems and even depression. But, if this is overcome, then this is someone who really grows into their own. Saturn also represents authority (which is different than power), so it is common to see Sun conjunct Saturn in those with government careers, politicians, and those involving the law.

Then there’s Sun conjunct Neptune. This aspect really turns on the mysteriousness. It gives and ethereal quality that makes the native hard to pin down. Certainly, Putin has a air of mystique about him. However, once again, this has its downsides, and this can also cause self-esteem issues and lack of a sense of ego, wandering in life without aim. Yet, Putin’s Saturn on his Sun balances this out perfectly. If Neptune is mist, then Saturn is solid ground.

He also has Sun square Uranus. And with his Sun conjunct Mercury, this also causes him to have Mercury square Uranus too; a double aspect to the same outer planet (as everything past Mars is an “outer planet”). Uranus is the god of surprise and shock, the rebel and the liberator. So with Sun and Mercury square Uranus, Putin can be unpredictable. Uranus also has the effect of adding a not inconsiderable amount of genius to those possessing it. There is a constant flow of insight coming in, seemingly from nowhere, which I’m sure serves Putin well in the political arena.

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Balance is key to success.
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There are many, many aspects in Vladimir Putin’s chart. Too many to go over in one article. But I have saved the big ones for last. Pluto.

Pluto conjunct the Midheaven is an irrefutable indicator of raw power. The Midheaven is the public, the career, and the outer persona that is presented to the world-at-large. And with Pluto here, an individual is not only seen as seeking out power, but someone who is powerful. They have the ability to transfix the world under thier spell, and to maintain it. Power comes to them as if it belongs there, and indeed it does. This placement, above all, is what stood out to me when I first looked at Putin’s chart. It is so fitting I had trouble bothering with much else.

To boot, Mars is in a trine to Pluto. Mars, the planet of action, of war, of masculinity, of anger, is in a harmonious 120 degree angle to Pluto, sitting on top of the world. It is easy to interpret that his Martian actions toward power contribute effortlessly. Mars trine Pluto in any chart is a powerful position. But with the addition of the Midheaven, you are certain to see fame and power combined.

And finally, Putin’s Mercury is in a sextile to Pluto as well. An experienced astrologer has to consider the specific number of degrees between planets to determine if they are “within orb.” Hence, his Sun does not register here. But Mercury definitely does, and this adds further depth to his already potent mind. This also means Mercury is sextile the Midheaven where Pluto sits and continues to pile on his natural efforts toward public and political ends. It’s astounding.

brown and gray concrete building during daytime
The seat of Russian Politics.
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I hope I have made it clear that Vladimir Putin is a political animal to his very core. There is much more to him that I did not cover, but rest assured, he is even scarier to behold with a bird’s eye view. And it all serves to concretize astrology as being such a capable art. The Heavens don’t lie.

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