We Went to Times Square for New Year’s Eve-Was It Worth It?

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Every New Year, television stations around the world broadcast the New Year’s Eve ball in Times Square. As such, millions of people travel to Manhattan to get a clear view of the events, the performances, and of course, the ball drop. After being closed to the public last year thanks to COVID, Times Square was open once again for all those willing to stand around for hours to watch the ball drop. We decided to take a trip to Times Square this year with our friends to see if all the waiting was worth the hype. What follows is a “diary” of our experiences from December 31:

10:00 AM: We left our house and took the bus to the subway station. Upon boarding the bus, the seats were already taken and everybody was cramped in like sardines. “Everybody, move as far back to the bus as possible”, announced a frustrated bus driver. Fortunately, there was room for us to stand as the bus drove off to Main Street, Flushing. After catching up with our friends, we walked downstairs to the subway station. If you thought the bus was crowded, it was absolutely nothing compared to the 7 Train to Times Square. We were so cramped in, we could hardly even breathe. While the subway trains are usually quiet, today was so busy, there was nonstop chattering the whole ride. It didn’t help that even more people boarded at the various stops. The subway driver even skipped a stop or two due to the lack of space! Within a half-hour though, we arrived in Times Square. The fun, however, had only just begun…

11:00 AM: Before going to see the New Year’s Eve ball, we stopped at Two Bros Pizzeria for lunch (wonderful pizza, by the way, and only $1.50 per slice!). Already, Times Square was packed with people and we came much too late for front row seats. In fact, according to the guards, we weren’t even allowed in the actual viewing area until 3:00! We would estimate that we were about 4 or 5 “rows” back from the front. Other people started entering the area and stood in the back of us until the Manhattan buildings were practically out of sight! In excitement for the ball drop, we waited…

3:00 PM: Finally, we are allowed in the area. Already, we are beginning to feel agitated. Nothing noteworthy has happened, our friends have run out of conversation ideas, we’re hungry, and we have to use the bathroom. However, if we left our spot, we could not return. The crowd was very heavy and, should we leave to go to the bathroom, there was absolutely no chance of watching the ball drop. The people around us look miserable as well. We are beginning to regret coming here…

6:00 PM: Out of desperation, we urinated right then and there. In our own sweatpants!  The cool breeze combined with the warmth of my urine was very unpleasant, but at least my bladder is empty. Our relief w only temporary, however, as our stomachs were growling like a lion and we were parched. Laugh all you want, but you’re not the one suffering. On a positive note, however, the workers are beginning to raise the New Years’ ball.

7:00 PM:  Finally, some entertainment. J Lo has appeared on stage performing her latest hits. We tried to dance along, however, with our limited space available and our energy-deprived, it was almost impossible to do so. Afterward, Billy Porter and Cyndi Lauper composed their own duet which was quite appealing to listen to. However, our mental health began to dominate us and we could not enjoy the performances the way we desired to.

11:00 PM: Only one hour left. We are completely enervated and our conversations grew more and more sluggish. We talked about our New Years’ resolutions and ways to keep them. We have to go to the bathroom again but decided to hold it for another hour. We are beginning to feel almost lightheaded and our mouths are very dry. However, in the midst of our health, we felt more confident that we could finish this night. The New Years’ ball is set, the crowd is going wild, 2022 is almost upon us!

11:59 PM: With all the energy left in us, we counted down the seconds as the ball descended for the new year. Confetti blew everywhere, music was blaring from the speakers, couples began kissing each other, and everybody was celebrating. We left Times Square immediately after and we all took the bus to our friend’s house for a well-deserved New Year’s celebration. There were chips, dip, cookies, and alcohol waiting for us but all we could think about was a nap after that long night. After snacking on a few chips, we departed, wishing ourselves a Happy New Year. We didn’t wake up again until almost noon!

Was going to Times Square really worth it? The answer is no. Absolutely not. Maybe it’s because we didn’t come prepared, but attending Times Square for New Year’s Eve was not worth the struggle, especially when the television can reciprocate the entire experience without the hunger, thirst, and the feeling of our intestines exploding. Still, we appreciate those who actually force themselves to sit through the ordeal as you make the New Year all the more exciting for other people. Happy New Year to all!

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