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By: T. Graham

Happy New Year, Everyone!

With everything going on with the pandemic (and everything else in the world), there’s still a chance to break through current obstacles and still continue to achieve your goals (especially writing goals) that you hoped to accomplish in 2021 but didn’t. And that’s okay! With these books, anyone writing a screenplay, novels, and/or short stories. You can use these books below to grant your success in 2022!

1) Body Beats to Build On: A Fiction Writer’s Resource by April W Gardner

For this book, click HERE.

  • To be noted: The Kindle and Paperback version are different: paperback have a journal attachment unlike the kindle which is mostly a list.
  • Super helpful as a person with so many book (me) that inculde body beats, it’s good to add a few more new character movement/ body language that this book offered.

2) Screenwriting for Storytellers How to Take Your Story From Idea to Script by SherLann D. Moore

For this book, click HERE.

  • Author and Screenwriter SherLann D. Moore gave us the full Screenplay format of her Multiple Award Winning brilliant dramatic script called “Stronger When She’s Broken.”
  • It’s excellent to understand this book in its script format form and how SherLann wrote this script.

3) STORY MAPS: TV Drama: The Structure of the One-Hour Television Pilot by Daniel P. Calvisi

For this book, click HERE

  • Daniel P. Calvisi explains the structure of writing a One-Hour Television Pilot script with examples from House of Cards, The Walking Dead, Scandal, Breaking Bad, and more.
  • Does inculde beat sheet and story maps templates in the end of the book that you can also have it with you for future projects and/or reminders.

4) The Screenwriter’s Workout: Screenwriting Exercises and Activities to Stretch Your Creativity, Enhance Your Script, Strengthen Your Craft and Sell Your Screenplay by Will Hicks

For this book, click HERE.

  • Will Hicks workbook of “The Screenwriter’s workout” provides deep understanding of the craft and with his many exercises within the book and great explanation upon writing a script by taking it step by steps.
  • This workbook does holds valuable information and great displays while a person work through this book.

5) Grammar for Fiction Writers by
Marcy Kennedy & Chris Saylor(A Busy Writer’s Guide)

For this book, click HERE. And if you what to check out the full Busy Writer’s Guide Series by Marcy Kennedy – click HERE.

  • Chris & Marcy put together this book in order to help anyone that still struggle with grammar (including like myself).
  • While this is prefect for anyone that doesn’t want to buy a regular grammar book. They also break it down easier and provides with example when writing fiction stories 🙂


The Dialogue Thesaurus: A Fiction Writer’s Sourcebook of Dialogue Tags and Phrases by Dahlia Evans 

For this book, click HERE.

  • Dahlia Evans crafted this book super well with any dialouge tag and phrases that you probably can think of from Emotions, Dynamics, Physical State, and more. Including lists of Body Language and Movement to have more realistic action feeling for your dailouge.

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