Elon Musk has entered the chat. Yes, he’s officially in the political discourse of everyday citizens these days. Love him or hate him, he’s now one of the most important leaders alive today. So, let’s take a step away from the authoritative power players of governmental office and toward a financial power broker in the business world to find out who Elon Musk truly is.

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Elon Musk
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As I always do if this is the case, I’d like to preface that we don’t have an accurate birth time for Elon. So, this means that we will not be using the ascendant or midheaven to determine certain questions, such as his fame. However, we still have plenty to go on. So, never fear, the astro deep dive is here.

Elon stands as an intellectual behemoth in popular discourse. So, the first thing I looked at is the position of his Mercury and its aspects. And, lo and behold, he has a common marker for wit and comprehension, that of Mercury square Uranus. This combination of planets was something I covered in a previous article, the astrology of intelligence, which details many of the frequent astrological aspects of creative and high IQ individuals.

Uranus is the rebel, he is things turned on their head. He is the seat of “ah ha!” epiphanies and insight. He is closely associated with genius, so anyone with their Mercury connected to Uranus can at least be said to have a different and quirky take on things. These people often think with their gut and have answers just come to them like a bolt out of the blue. They are fast thinkers as well, but sometimes too fast, and are prone to tactless or ill thought out ideas. They also are often arrogant and generally have an awareness of their forward and original thinking. This is most prominent with the 90 degree square.

To boot, Elon has his Mercury conjunct his Sun, the two being right on top of each other. This makes his mental energy very high, fueled by the power of the Sun’s rays giving him endless amounts of mental vitality. But this also makes for a double aspect, putting the Sun in a square with Uranus as well. Sun square Uranus is in itself a potent Uranian position, endowing the person with many of the qualities described above concerning Mercury square Uranus, but less about the thinking process and more about the person’s ego and authentic self. Originality is the word of the day here.

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Next, I’d like to do something we’ve never done before in previous articles. I’m going to talk about the “quintile” aspect, as Musk possesses Mercury quintile Pluto. Normally, most astrologers ignore this aspect because it is considered “minor.” But in this instance, I think it is relevant. The quintile is two planets separated by 72 degrees and is associated with incredible natural skill of some kind. Connections between Mercury and Pluto produce depth of thought, probing, and even obsessiveness. These people are often investigators or researchers. And with the quintile aspect at play, Elon’s ability to think deeply is somehow “special.” And I think we can all see this at work; he is not an average Joe.

And then there is Venus trine Mars. This is a sexy aspect, with the natural, good energy of the 120 degree trine flowing between the two most sexual planets in the Zodiac. Elon’s love life is well documented with a slew of beautiful women under his belt. From Justine Musk, to Amber Heard (not great under the current circumstances), to Grimes, and now Natasha Basset. Venus trine Mars always makes others stop and take notice of good looks.

But Venus is also in a square with Pluto. This has a variety of effects but primarily brings intensity to the love life and, more often, jealousy. This can go either way, bringing jealous partners or making Elon himself jealous. Either way, this creates a dynamic where romantic partners cause difficult situations that call for Elon to grow as a person and learn to let go. If he does not, then it blows up in his face.

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In addition, Elon’s Sun is square to Pluto as well. This further adds to the influence of Pluto in his life. The greatest of people are often obsessive, and this is what drives them to be great in the first place. We see Pluto featured prominently again and again in people who are high achievers. This makes them bulldogs who grab onto a problem and don’t let go until they understand every last iota of it and unlock its secrets. However, that intensity and obsession can also push people away. And it is this quality that gives Pluto the reputation of “the god other gods don’t want to see.”

And lastly, Elon’s Mars has a square to both Jupiter and Neptune, which are conjunct each other. Jupiter is the god of luck and acts as an amplifier, and here he is amplifying Neptune. Neptune is the god of dreams, drugs, and spirituality. With Mars in a square, this causes friction between his actions and his dreams. But a square must be resolved, so it forces him to push and push. Mars square Jupiter is boundless optimism, but conjunct Neptune, it causes there to be an effect similar to slipping in the mud when trying to get anything done. This is usually experienced as insecurity, but can also be external setbacks. Yet, it forces him to try to excel… and excel he does.

There is always so much more in a chart than I am able to cover in just a few paragraphs. But I am never short of awe when looking at the way aspects play out in people’s lives. The Heavens are infinitely complex and eternally wise.

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