The Happy Fits deliver an upbeat, danceable love song with “Dance Alone,” a vibrant track all about wanting to be there for someone and enjoy your time together. You’ll definitely want to “dance the night away” just like this eccentric trio once you hear this anthem, whether you’re eyeing a special someone like they are or just need a mood boost on a quiet night in. 

“It’s easy to say exactly what you want to someone in your mind, but feelings can be a lot harder to express when you are face to face with them in reality,” guitarist and vocalist Ross Monteith shares. “This song is one example of my inner dialogue when faced with that exact situation; a love song riddled with self-doubt.”

Drummer Luke Davis also explains, “Late one night when we were all packing up, still torn on the idea of the chorus, Ross almost jokingly blurted out, ‘I don’t wanna dance alone.’ The whole room stopped and we all waited a few moments until jumping right back in jamming on the melody for almost an hour. This chorus really brought together the rest of the vibe for the song and has become a personal favorite for all of us!”

If you’re as in love with “Dance Alone” as we are, you need to hear the band’s previous single, “Changes,” which shares its jam-worthy guitar sound and thoughtful, introspective lyrics. No matter what direction The Happy Fits are going in, they always find a way to bring something new to the table and contrast heartfelt, relatable lyrics with guitar riffs and instrumentals you can jump around to. 

You can find both “Dance Alone” and “Changes” on your favorite streaming services now, and get to know The Happy Fits on Bandcamp, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and their official website

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