It is evident that the title of my blog 56andthecity is a play on Sex And The City. I will admit to being a fan of the show, and so it seemed fitting when I moved to NYC in the fall. On occasion, I do find myself quoting a few lines, here and there, from the series when it feels applicable to my own adventures in life. 

There was an episode in which Carrie could not find something to write about for her column because she wasn’t having much success in her dating life. And, since her writing was dedicated to relationships, she was out of material. So she wrote a piece about her socks. I distinctly recalled this particular installment on one of my walks with Sami when my own socks had lost their elasticity and were continually sliding down into my shoes. Irritated as I was, I thought to myself, “well, you could talk about your socks.” 50SocksAndTheCity. 

I tell you this because I, too, am struggling with what I should share. When we first moved here, Ashay and I had our misadventures and funny antics that seemed entertaining tales. But now, for better or worse, as we settle in, we seem to have fewer and fewer mishaps. And, since I have yet to secure a place in the dance community, I am desperately lacking in daily anecdotes. I don’t particularly feel like I have a wealth of captivating stories stored in my back pocket to whip out in company. 

So last Saturday, as we were getting ready to meet up for dinner to celebrate a friend’s birthday, I began to have a bit of a meltdown. I’ll admit social media played a hand in my utter disintegration. I was mindlessly scrolling through Instagram and Facebook, and I couldn’t help but notice everyone’s productivity and displays of new creative endeavors. People doing things – that was the straw, as they say. I began to imagine what I would be like with my friends that evening. What could I possibly have to contribute? At this particular season of my life, I’m just a real housewife in NY! 

Fast forward to our train ride back after a delicious dinner, sparkling conversation, loads of laughs, and a few cocktails. Ashay turned to me and said – see, you were funny, charming, and as usual, a witty storyteller. To which I replied – I still got it! And I didn’t have to pull out any stories about my socks. 

Surprisingly I have discovered…Life itself is all the material I need. 

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