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Winston Salem, North Carolina-On Route 52, an overturned tractor-Trailor had created several hours’ worth of traffic when the vehicle released 10 adult cows onto the highway. Unfortunately, the tractor-trailor had crashed on the intersection with Interstate 40, causing traffic on this roadway as well. Authorities say it took almost 2 hours to round up the loose animals.

9 out of the 10 cows were caught by the afternoon, while the last cow dove into the bushes. It was found within a half hour and the tractor-trailor was impounded and taken off the road so traffic could be cleared. Still, it didn’t stop drivers from staring in awe and recording the situation. Even the officers couldn’t resists taking out their phones.

After inspection of the vehicle, the Winston Salem Sheriff’s Office determined that the driver was underage and didn’t have a vehicle license. After hours of searching, the last cow was safely located. Unfortunately, Deputies did have to write her multiple citations, including for running at large, obstructing traffic, failing to heed to blue lights and sirens, resisting arrest, underage driving, & no driver’s license”, says Department Chief Joe Ramsey.

“Some of the cattle had gotten out, but we may have had more than 8 to 10 cattle. A lot of them were severely injured too”, continued Ramsey. The driver miraculously remains uninjured. It is unknown if he bailed out of the tractor-trailer before releasing the cattle. Signs have been placed around the neighborhood with a $10,000 reward for locating the remaining cows, healthy or injured.

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