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With daily digital uploads across social sharing platforms reaching in the billions per day, how on Earth do you sort through all of it. Youtube reported that it receives about 5 million hours of new content uploaded onto its platform per day. The amount of content watched still greatly outweighs the amount that’s produced which should give any new creators reading some hope. Hashtags help you find a fresh audience but even those have been hammered especially accounting in more tags during that era of stay at home lifestyles broadcasted during the global pandemic. We launched our World of Podcasts section to help with discovery and exposure during the stay at home period as we knew a lot of people were suffering depression. May is mental health awareness month. I run a black mental health podcast. I call it Live Hangouts: Tahyira Keeps It Too Reel. I explicitly talk about my life as a Black first generation American millennial. It’s a hard knock life. I grew up in Brooklyn, New York, and I had my first psychotic break in 2017 when I moved to Los Angeles. I knew I needed help. It was hard making the first step into therapy but it was necessary. I think as a creative I will constantly require a mirroring tool and I found that group therapy can be the safe space.

I featured a bunch of other really good Black mental podcasts in the Spring feature of SwagHer Magazine. Find some below.



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