Welcome To Scorpio Season

The ocean is beautiful and dangerous. It’s beauty comes from its crashing waves and soothing sound. It’s danger comes from the mystery within that not even humans can fully discover. We are easily seduced by it even if we don’t submerge our bodies in it. The ocean has a way of reeling us in then spitting us out with remarkable consistency. With all this being said, it’s obvious that the ocean is the perfect home for Scorpios. 

October 23rd isn’t just the end of spooky season, it’s also the beginning of Scorpio season. This is the time of year where much of the world is beautiful depending where you live even though death is also thriving. Scorpios are like fall leaves. They are ravishing, colorful, and rich with desire. However, they suffer and tend to go through more hardships in life than any other zodiac sign. Eventually, they fall to their lowest points in life from the pain, and expect everyone else to grow cold and fall with them. This is the time of year where people should enjoy the beauty before the tide turns rapidly.

 This time of year is not a time of transition but rather a time of mystery. Scorpios radiate mystery because they do not know much about themselves let alone other people. Since my moon is in Scorpio along with my rising sign, I understand what it’s like to not know much about yourself and to constantly search for something deep within. Sometimes, we spend so much time searching that we don’t have any time to trust other people. How can Scorpios trust others when they can’t even trust themselves? It’s hard to find stability within dark and mysterious waters or the eeriness that this time of year brings, which is why Scorpios have moody tendencies. 

This moodiness and distrust is expressed in aggressiveness and sometimes violence. Scorpios don’t mean to be like this. They are simply trying to defend themselves from their own inner struggles and rapid turning tides. Just like how winter is trying to defend itself against the beauty of fall and spring. It’s okay to take off your layers of fall around a Scorpio, as long as you don’t mind the coldness you will receive at first. Once Scorpios learn to trust, they will be with you until the very end. However, you are a fool to take off all of your layers this time of year or to wrong a Scorpio in any way. They will sting you to hurt you deeper than ever, and you will be left without them in no time. Don’t worry though, you were probably emotionally manipulated to the point of wronging them anyway.

Any Scorpios out there should take this time of year to come out of their shells. Let your smile radiate a room like no other. Save your cold scowl for those who truly deserve it and don’t look for physical pleasures to save your moodiness. Let the dark waters take you anywhere you need to go, but tell people you need to feel wanted instead of waiting for them to prove themselves to you. We all have demons, so stop obsessing and let yours sink into the depths of the mysterious ocean.

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