Kobe Bryant Has A Kids Book Series!

Earlier this year, the great Kobe Bryant died in a plane accident along with his daughter and a few other passengers. Before this great man died he wrote a book! A couple of books actually! Late last year, Kobe started a book series called Epoca. Now that he is gone, Kobe’s wife, Vanessa, and Ivy Claire hopes to continue this series for him for all to remember him!

Whats This Book About ?

Epoca is about two kids who come from different classes in this world. Rovi, a lower class boy, and Pretia, the princess of this kingdom the story takes place in. The first book, Epoca: Tree of Ecrof, is where we are introduced to the characters, while the second book, Epoca: The River of Sand goes into another problem these kids have.

When Will It Come Out?

Your probably asking, “When will this book come out?” Well, I’m happy to report that this book, by Goodreads, is said to come out at the end of 2020! you can pre-order it how if you really want a copy!

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