The Astrology of Jordan Peterson

King of the incels, custodian of the patriarchy, Jordan Peterson is known by many names. Often touted as deeply inspired by some, yet derided as a pseudo-intellectual by others, it may be hard to get a grip on what it is, exactly, Peterson actually represents. Hated by the political left and loved by the right– Let’s attempt to get a grip on this man of polarity.

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Jordan Peterson.
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In news cycle, yet again, Jordan Peterson’s latest scandal includes Olivia Wilde and her most recent movie, “Don’t Worry Darling.” Ironically, the rumor involves Peterson’s tendency to cry. So, we will take a look within to find out if there’s anything to support this.

And in just such a manner, the first thing I’m looking at is JP’s Mercury placements. He has Mercury conjunct Sun trine Moon. Shocker, right? Other astrologers would immediately see this as something that indicates a person which has an excess of mental energy connected to their feelings. Not difficult. Mercury trine Moon in the natal chart is literally someone who speaks to their feelings. Mercury is thoughts, Moon is feelings. And here you were thinking astrology was hard.

Sun conjunct Mercury, which has been discussed here before, is simply the awesome energy of the Sun combined with the function of Mercury. It causes one to think a lot. And with both of them affixed by the trine aspect which is natural, flowing, and positive in its bestowal, we see this as good in relation to the Moon. You know how a man is supposedly incapable of vocalizing his feelings? Well, Jordan Peterson doesn’t have that problem. It also allows him to tap the subconscious, which is particularly useful for a clinical psychologist.

In that same vein, Dr. Peterson also has Mars trine Pluto. This is always a potent mix, as Mars is war, anger, and action, and Pluto is death and rebirth, intensity, and regeneration. Pluto is also the underbelly of the world; he is the parts we don’t want to see. Jordan Peterson is famous for his take on men needing to “become the monster.” This is an allusion to the fact that kindness is not weakness, and that we should learn to integrate the dark sides of our being because one day we will need it. You cannot talk a tiger out of being hungry, you must fight it if you expect to survive. Mars trine Pluto is this exact trait. It is the natural incorporation of the gods of war and death.

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Death and taxes.
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Arguably, Peterson is very intelligent. And to support this, he has an especially common “intelligence marker” within the astrology world: Mercury trine Saturn. This has a very organizing effect on the mind and gifts a fantastic memory. With Sun conjunct Mercury, this means Peterson also has Sun trine Saturn as well, which is yet another symbol of organizational brilliance. Quotes JP is famous for such as, “Clean your room,” are very much tied to his Sun/Mercury trine Saturn aspect. Order versus chaos is a theme of his, and it’s no surprise why with such a heavy Saturnian influence.

Yet again, backing this up further, is Moon trine Saturn. Although we have come to know the “trine” aspect as being flowing and natural, and indeed it is, it also has its negative side. No aspect, no matter which one, only bestows one type of quality. Trines are not always good, and squares are not always bad. Moon trine Saturn can give a heavy burden on the emotions, causing depression. The fact that it is flowing, natural energy, just means that it is a naturally blended result. Peterson has said many, many times that he has dealt with depression his entire life, and continues to struggle with it. This is the gravity that Saturn places on his emotional life. It also grants maturity, and the ability to conduct oneself with seriousness and professionalism even at the hardest of times.

Saturn is in the tenth house of Jordan’s chart. This explains his career, and some of his fame. Saturn requires us to work for everything we do, and as such, Dr. Peterson has put in decades of it to become a very well respected psychologist. His lectures and videos were already viewed by many before his ultimate rise in the political sphere. But this only accounts for the fame he has worked for.

As Peterson became internet-famous in 2016, a particular transit was occurring to his chart: Jupiter trine Midheaven. This had the effect of blowing up his video without hardly trying at all; he simply awoke to find over a million views of his Youtube upload concerning Canadian law. Two months later, Uranus made a square to his Midheaven, and the real game began. Jupiter makes things bigger, and Uranus has the effect of shock and surprise. So, it is easy to see why these things happened.

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Internet famous.
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Next up is Mars opposite Neptune. This one explains a lot. This is a kind of tug-of-war between bravery and insecurity, which Peterson has also been public about battling. His alprazolam dependence started as he began to make more public appearances and making speeches on tour. He would use it to take the edge off of the anxiety he felt on stage. This came to a bad end when he had a paradoxical reaction to the drug, eventually trying to ween himself off unsuccessfully, and culminating in a trip to Russia for an experimental procedure to rapidly detoxify from the substance.

Mars trine Saturn also fits Peterson’s personality perfectly. Yet another tally in the Saturn column, Mars-Saturn contacts are notoriously regulated people who gradually work their way to the top, step by calculated step. But there is a darker side to this, resulting in anxiety and frustration. Those with these aspects feel as though they must hold themselves back, constantly retaining control. This can have a suffocating effect on the emotions and psyche. Hence, it can lead to substance abuse issues. But, in characteristic fashion, Peterson did not leave himself in a Xanax-infused hole, but rather picked himself up and employed the strictest self-discipline and forced himself to get clean.

Lastly, there is Moon square Venus. This is a fairly tame aspect compared to the others. It essentially has to do with the desire to be loved and have affection, something most of us can relate to. Peterson is a soft-spoken individual who talks of genuine love and the need that people have for it, including the abandoned and forsaken men whom he champions. He embodies the vulnerability which he preaches. And I, personally, can appreciate that.

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Love and affection.
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Before we conclude, I would like to give nod to the fact that Jordan Peterson is a Jungian psychologist. It was Jung who developed his archetypes from his study of astrology. So, I find it is no small twist of fate that we are here to bring these techniques full circle and into the modern day.

And it is a shame that this signifigance is lost on most. I have often found the public’s opinion of Jordan Peterson to be vicious and unfair. He has become a whipping boy for a movement that doesn’t seek to understand him, but merely use him to make a point. They are not interested in knowing if he is authenitcally the person he presents himself to be. And I think all the world is worse for it because he has much to offer.

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