Teamfight Tactics: Fates Review

TFT just released some new information on the new set, Fates. As a previous Challenger player, I’d like to review over the synergies and my personal opinions on their strengths, as well as just general designs.

Chosen – Mechanic
This mechanic introduces a champion that is randomly blessed as a Chosen. This unit will be 3 times more expensive, but come with bonus stats,
“They also get +200 HP and a unique stat bonus—either 500 HP, 35% spell power, 50 AD, or 25% reduced mana cost. (Tunings subject to change)” -Riot Games
Not only that, but they also provide 2 of a random synergy.

As shown here, Garen will count as 2 Vanguards rather than 1, allowing you to hit bigger synergies faster. Once you buy a Chosen unit, you won’t be able to find other ones until you sell it.
Personally, I am not a fan of this. I’d find it similar to Set 2 Lux, where someone hits a power spike purely because of a rare occurrence. This can also be terrifying depending on how strong 3-5 cost carries are, because someone can instantly get a free top 4 if they hit a Chosen carry. It’d leave a bitter taste in your mouth to lose to someone because they got lucky and high rolled a Chosen, at least far more bitter than them randomly hitting a 2 star early on.

Warlord – Synergy
This synergy provides units with bonus HP and SP (Spell Power). However, for every battle that Warlord has won, they will get a stacking bonus of HP and SP, stacking up to 5 times.

  • Warlords have an additional
    • (3) 150 HP & 10 SP
    • (6) 400 HP & 25 SP
    • (9) 600 HP & 50 SP
  • Each victorious combat they participate in grants additional HP & SP, stacking up to 5 times.
    • (3) 30 HP & 3 SP
    • (6) 40 HP & 5 SP
    • (9) 80 HP & 10 SP

This is actually a fairly interesting synergy, forcing you to play more aggressively to try getting the bonus stats on your units. It has a skill ceiling for players to scout and decide whether or not they can commit to a Warlord composition or not, depending on how strong they are in comparison to other players. Some players might fall into the trap of forcing them every game and trying to win lobbies, when sometimes it’s just not possible. I think this is a great, simple synergy that adds a level of skill to TFT.

Moonlight – Synergy
This is a… scary synergy to add to the game. We’ve seen previously time and time again, Riot does not like hyper roll compositions. Like in Set 3, there was Candyland with Poppy and Twisted Fate. Now, this synergy encourages people to potentially aim for the 4 star unit.

There’s probably only two ways this is going to go. It’s either insanely broken and people hyper roll Moonlight to hit 4 star carries, that makes everyone salty to see a 1 cost destroy their composition with multiple 4-5 cost 2 stars, or it’s completely useless cause the commitment to trying to hit 4 star Moonlights is not worth it at all. I’m a bit unsure with the design on this synergy, and I can see it being reworked if balancing it is too difficult.

Cultist – Synergy
This is pretty much Elementalist from Set 1 but enhanced. If you have 3-6-9 Cultists, then you’ll summon Galios with varying strength to fight for you.

Now, 9 Cultists is probably hard to hit, but 7000 health on final Galio is pretty terrifying. Let’s evaluate based on the average of 3 Cultists, since I’d imagine that’s how people are going to adapt it to get a free front liner with a “big AOE stun”, as stated by Riot. I’d imagine 4 Vanguard 3 Cultists will be a popular combo, with Aatrox and Thresh being Vanguard Cultists, only needing 3 more units to get a powerful front line. Cultists are also noticeably different synergies, like Mage, Keeper, Duelist, and Assassin, so it’s likely their goal is a filler synergy. The problem I see is this synergy being potentially too good at filler, and might be seen in every comp just to get a free tank.

That’s all we’ve seen from the reveal so far. You can check out the article yourself on Riot’s website,
As someone who’s played a lot of TFT before, I’m curious to see how this next set will turn out.

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