Top Gun (1986) – I Feel The Need—The Need For Speed!

To be honest, I didn’t know much about Top Gun before I just watched it right now. Obviously, I knew about Top Gun but I didn’t. Culturally, its hard not to know that it’s a Tom Cruise movie where he flies jets and it has Kenny’ Loggins’ classic “Danger Zone”. That was about the extent of my knowledge. In that regard, the movie did not disappoint. Tom Cruise flies a jet and “Danger Zone” plays multiple times. This movie has everything; iconic cast, iconic soundtrack, iconic lines, iconic homoerotic tensions.

Oh? Huh? Don’t believe that last one? Well my friend. I think its time you open your mind.

I just want to say off the bat. Love is love. Now, take a journey with me as I explain to you why I think Top Gun has the most homoerotic scene per capita of any film I’ve seen.

 When I first watch this movie, I was pretty surprised with how blatantly homoerotic certain scenes were with out this being a film about a gay romance. The first scene where Val Kilmer and Tom Cruise’s characters meet has crazy sexual tension. They just stare and smile at each other. The movie tries to play it off as them just being rivals. But I know what’s up. Watch this clip:

I could throw a rock and hit ten romantic comedies that start with a similar scene of the leads hating each other only to fall in love by act 2. Or what about this clip?

If there is a heterosexual explanation for why Iceman bites the air, I can’t find it. Or, and if you’ve seen the movie you know what’s coming next, what about this scene?

If, for some reason, you need me to explain how this scene helps my argument, I’ll say this: Top Gun is not a movie about volley ball. Volley ball is not mentioned before this scene, nor is it mentioned after. But this scene? This scene has a whole lot of sweaty, shirtless boys playing volleyball.

The love story between Maverick and Iceman may not be at the forefront of the movie but its at the forefront of my attention. These two just needed to kiss and get it over with. I mean, for a movie that is not about a gay romance, there sure seem to be a lot of scenes that would fit perfectly in such a movie. Whether intentional or not, this movie is the story of two macho guys struggling with their identities and not understanding their feelings for each other. Nothing you can say will ever convince me otherwise.

What I’m trying to say is, Top Gun is a great movie. If it was just about planes or whatever, it would be forgot. But with this steamy, secret romance. It was an instant classic. I give it 7 shirtless volley ball montages out of 10.

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