Cardi B, ” Didn’t She Use To Sell That WaP?”

[She went on to explain that she didn’t see the song’s expletives as out of line for the hip-hop industry and explained that the song is “for adults” rather than children.]

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For the longest time politicians have used music as a weapon for its powerful influence it can have to either rile the crowds energy before debates and speeches, to hype up their rhetoric on issues or to try and pick an easy fight for “political points”.

This is not going to go away anytime soon with how much the music industry has imbedded itself over the last decade in politics. Especially Hip-Hop culture which has gravitated to the mainstream and out into public arena of politics. From Kanye West’s questionable actions and speech at a town hall, to Meek Mill using his platform for Prison reform. And Jay Z being in the forefront of racial equality movement.  

Corporations have ultimately created a powerful position of influential artists speaking their views and opinions and none other has been more vocal than the young mother and BX rapper, Cardi B.

No-one is surprised (who knows the culture that is) that she releases explicit songs using her sexuality and feminine wilds. That is who she is. She has held her own credo of being herself no matter what.

Now that politics and entertainment are the new norms of the culture, it isn’t hard to see how they started to try and pick apart something they never created or even accepted.

(This isn’t the first-time politicians tried to destroy the culture of hip-hip. From the early 90’s trying to boycott the music, saying it makes children more violent.)

Cardi B has always been outspoken from her early days on Instagram to her debut on television with Love and HipHop: New York.

It is also not surprising when politicians want to publicize certain things to get “easy” points with their constituents to go after “thugs, drug dealers and Women being too provocative for “Their” standards.”

“America needs far more women like Melania Trump and far less like Cardi B,” wrote the author, Deanna Lorraine.

If she’s referring to how America needs more woman to be silent as their husbands break federal laws, influence corruption and destroy American ideals and morals and incite some of the worst bigotry that has ever taken place in the White house, then she might be right.

“The people that the song bothers are usually conservatives or really religious, fake religious people,” the rapper said on the “Kyle & Jakie O” radio show, according to the Daily Mail.  “Other people might think it’s strange and vulgar, but to me it’s almost like really normal, you know what I’m saying?” “You wanna know something? It’s what people wanna hear,” she continued. “If people didn’t wanna hear it, if they were so afraid to hear it, it wouldn’t be doing as good.” 

If DeAnna is referring to selling sex to promote product lines, using sex to sell merchandise, and using sex to sell self-image then what is the difference in Melania and Cardi B?

When the Bronx beauty caught wind, she replied to twitter saying:

“Didn’t she used to sell that W.A.P.?”

Cardi being Card shot back at the tweet. She is not afraid to be on the forefront of controversy or being in verbal arenas as we all know.

This pic giving me “yea you f–kin wit some wet a– p–y” vibes …just saying” (Referring to a half-naked Melania in a picture.)

Image of Melania Trump, Fully Naked Posing for Pictures

Cardi is a woman who embodies the American Dream and spirit. She came from nothing made something and took charge of her own life and her own image, the same way a lot of woman do but the difference is she has empowered woman through her secureness of her sexuality and her femininity.

If women like Cardi B are not the corner stone of what America and the American dream is all about. And Melania is the “Ideal” American woman. My question is what is the difference between what Melania did and what Cardi B did? The only difference I can come up with is one has let criminals run rampant around her without speaking up. Staying purposefully blind to the chaos and damage that is being done around her. And the other put out a song demonstrating how far women’s rights, freedom of speech and progressive changes have come.

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