A Pinch of Salt!!

Relationships are like delicious dishes which people cook with various recipes called love, romance, affection, respect, trust, emotion, commitment, sorrow, pain, breakups, patch ups and many more to name. Every dish has a common and extremely important ingredient i.e. salt and in this delicacy it’s our partner; without a partner your recipe won’t stand out. Here I would like to explain how a partner can be a friend, teacher, parent, boyfriend, neighbor, girlfriend, cousin, sibling or anyone else that we are emotionally connected with. It’s our extremely important responsibility to take care of our partner like “A pinch of Salt”. If it’s not there it will spoil the entire dish and things will fall apart but unfortunately if it’s there in too much quantity, then people will take it for granted in a such a way either they will ignore the dish completely or they will walk away from it. The hard work, commitment, the investment of time & effort both mentally and physically will go unnoticed and it will be awarded with a tag of suffocation.

Instead if we take care of them like a perfect balanced pinch it will turn out to be the most blissful dish with lots of happy endings to our everyday never-ending sweet journeys which we lead with our respective partners. And of course, like we use a perfect timing to add salt to any dish similarly we should learn from it that there is an appropriate timing to show your partner how much you care as wrong timing can also lead or mislead the recipe.

Now let’s talk about the space in a relationship here also we have a lot to learn from this ordinary but extremely important extraordinary “pinch of salt”  like we add to the dish when it demands , like for some in beginning, some in the end and for some we add while performing the process ; similarly if we give space to our partner when demanded they likely gonna get their HAPPEACE!! (happiness & peace) and its reflection gonna embrace our relationship too.

This will surely stick a smile to our face and will look forward to create tons of glorious memories to cherish in future.


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