Legends of Runeterra, Targon Champion Review (Part 2)

Here’s the second part to the Legends of Runeterra, Targon Champion Review Part 2. I am aware I have made a mistake and called it “Targon Champion Review”, but it’s more like “Targon Expansion”, but it’s close enough.

Behold: Activates when you have the card in hand.

Trundle | Strength: 5/5 | Design: 4/5
I think this card is pretty strong, a 5 mana 4/6 with regeneration is nothing to scoff at. I feel the strongest part is not actually Trundle, but the Ice Pillar. Ice Pillar is essentially a 0 mana 0/8 that you can play once you hit 8 mana crystals. It has vulnerable so it’ll usually take the hit from the smallest unit, which is still pretty strong if it can absorb up to 8 damage. It provides synergy with “If you Behold an 8+ cost card”. It also gives vulnerable to the strongest enemy as well. Trundle’s level up condition is also insanely easy, being really consistent as long as you’re at 8 mana. Design wise, I think it’s okay. Simple, but I wish it captured more of his “absorb” side, maybe stealing 1|1 from the strongest enemy.

Taric | Strength: 4/5 | Design: 5/5
I think this card will be played a fair amount. It is insanely strong with buff cards, and Targon has insanely good buff cards. There might be a bit of risk with a 4 mana 2|4 that requires a fellow minion in play to be good, but the upside is insanely strong if you manage to pull it off. I don’t think Taric is going to be anything broken, but he’ll certainly be strong in the right decks, and especially strong in mid-range match ups. Design wise, this card is perfect. I think it fits Taric’s theme as a support enchanter perfectly, and gives incredible support for Targon’s buff cards.

Fury: Whenever the unit kills something, it gains +1|+1. Spell Shield: Blocks an incoming spell. Disappears after block. Invoke: Choose from 3 randomly selected cards to add to your hand.

Aurelion Sol | Strength: 5/5 | Design: 5/5
This card is the perfect card for people that like Timmy decks. If you don’t know the term, it basically just means a deck that plays big cards. Aurelion Sol is an insane late game card, capable of ending games on his own. He comes with Spell Shield and Fury. Fury is kind of whatever since +1|+1 late game isn’t much, but Spell Shield makes this card difficult to deal with, which is needed. Big champions shouldn’t die on a whim to a single spell, stuff like Anivia and Tryndamere need to die twice at most. Spell Shield is a similar effect for Aurelion Sol, but can be baited out with a weaker spell. The Celestial cards he invokes are also insane value late game, and honestly there are so many Celestial cards it’s better if you just look at them yourself. Design wise, it fits Aurelion Sol perfectly. He is this god of space that creates universes, a 10 mana 10|10 that is an absolute nightmare to deal with fits him perfectly. His level up condition is also fitting, becoming stronger by overwhelming your opponent with pure power.

This set introduces a lot of great champions design wise. Power levels seem fairly balanced among all cards, which is insane for a card game *cough* Hearthstone *cough*. I love this new set. What decks are you planning to try? I’m probably going to go for a Lulu Poro deck, cause pure cuteness is what I’m after.

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