Chadwick Boseman : Another Great Passes Only to Become a Legend

This morning, the world was awakened to the news of the death of Chadwick Boseman at age 43. As with the death of Kobe Bryant who died earlier this year in a place crash at age 42, the death of the well -liked Boseman was unexpected.

For many people, they loved Boseman as Black Panther. He was the first black actor to be the lead in a blockbuster movie about a Marvel Comics charachter . Boseman embodied the superhero Black Panther and brought to life the great African civilization of Wakanda. The character Black Panther was powerful, strong , digniifed , intelligent and loved his family; all of these traits are seldom shown with a black male character on the Hollywood screen .

For the first time in film, black Americans were portrayed as being mighty warriors who were brilliant and lived in a society with advanced technology.. Instead of having shackles, they had advanced healing capabilities and were skilled in science and engineering.

Black children saw for the first time how they truly came from a great race of people . They were able to embrace the fact that they were from Egypt which was a land filled with advanced architecture , science , and great learning. Boseman brought hope to milions of kids worldwide.

Not only did he change the views about black culture with children, adults flocked to watch the movie Black Panther. The film grossed 1,3444 billion dollars in the movie theatres. Through Boseman’s iconic performance, black Americans finally had their superhero and were able to embrace their greatness.

For many people, Black Panther was the movie that they know Boseman for. With me,it was the movie 42. Boseman portrayed Jackie Robinson. Boseman portrayed the baseball great who became the first black American to play for an American baseball team.

Jackie Robinson broke racial barriers. I watched as Boseman showed raw emotions as he dealt with hatred from his team members on the Broooklyn Dodgers and the other members of society. When he was confronted with racist names,he did not respond. He simply walked backed to the locker room and cried .

This dignity was portrayed by Boseman in every film that he acted in. He portrayed James Brown and Thurgood Marshall. Boseman lived his life with dignity and portrayed black charachters who made history.

It was with this same dignity that Boseman died. He fought and lost a 4 year battle with colon cancer on his own terms . He lived his life and died on his own terms. Like the great black figures who he portrayed who died before him, Chadwick Boseman is and forever will be legendary.

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