No Man’s Sky – an Infinite Universe with Not Nearly as Many Possibilities

By: Corey Lack


No Man’s Sky was a game released back in 2016 that had garnered a lot of attention prior and after the release. Prior to release, people were interested in the idea of playing a game with reputedly infinite possibilities to interact with the environment, on top of procedurally generated worlds, creatures, and plants. In short, it would be as close to exploring a universe as games could actually get. After the release, however, the disappointment of the gamers set in as they realized the various changes they promised boiled down to color-swaps and differences so minor that they might as well have not existed. When it first came out, there wasn’t much to do beyond harvesting resources to improve and fuel the equipment. Since then, however, the developers of the game have not been idle. They have released a number of updates that have greatly improved what can be done in the game. Some of these improvements have involved base-building, creation of land-based vehicles, and many others.

In terms of plot, there wasn’t much at first. It involved the player character known only as the Traveler seeking his memories as he woke up with amnesia. With the new updates, however, a lot of world-building and plot has been added to the game. At this new introduction, the player will discover various groups throughout the universe, each knowing some secret about it that they (the players) are unaware of. To be honest, the plot is not even close to its biggest selling point as, even with the improvements, it is very lackluster and forgettable.

The biggest selling points of the game is the same sort of one that made games like Minecraft so popular and that is the chance to literally leave your mark on the world. Players can create bases of numerous shapes and sizes and they can do so virtually anywhere in the various worlds. Mountain tops, the bottoms of oceans, the middle of a desert, any place the player can reach a base can be built. Players can use freighters and various types of ships to trade resources across numerous different star systems, they can be pirates and attack convoys, or they can just explore the various worlds.

With the introduction of the various updates, there is certainly a lot more to do and if the likes of Minecraft and similar resource-mining, base-building games interest you, then this one might be worth a look. However, if, like me, you are more of a completionist and someone who likes a good story, then this one’s really not for you. With all it offers for gamers and it still being a challenging game, despite being slow, I’d give it five crashed ships out of ten.

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