On This Day in History, August 31

In 1864, Union forces under the command of General Sherman begin the Battle of Jonesborough, the final fight in the Atlanta Campaign. With this victory, Union forces would finally seize the city while the Confederate defenders fled west. Atlanta would be occupied until after the presidential election that year, in which this victory would play a role. Sherman’s forces would, upon leaving and destroying Atlanta, initiate the now-famous March to Sea.

In 1935, the first of four Neutrality Acts was passed with the aim to avoid being entangled in the growing potential for conflict being seen in Europe. General public opinion held that American entry into WWI was for the sake of war profiteers and bankers, and thus many supported non-intervention, especially in the midst of the Great Depression. These acts would be repealed in 1941 due to German submarine attacks upon American ships and the attack on Pearl Harbor.

In 2006, an operation by Norwegian Police recovered the 1910 version of The Scream, a famous painting by expressionist Edvard Munch. Stolen in 2004 by masked gunmen, it required nearly two years to track down the painting and recover it. In that time, six men went to trial and three were convicted for crimes related to the theft. Most of the damage caused, which had been rather minimal, was fixable.

A Notable Birth

1962 – Dee Bradley Baker is an American voice actor. His voice acting career began when he began work as an improv sketch comic at the EPCOT Center in Orlando. His work has spanned multiple decades and formats, including animated television and video games. He is turning 58.

A Notable Death

1056 – Theodora (b. 980) was the final ruler of the Byzantine Empire that was a member of the Macedonian dynasty. A co-ruler with her sister, Zoë, she retired from politics for a brief time following her sister’s death, though returned to rule herself for a time.

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