5 Random Ways To Understanding CoronaVirus Depression, Are You Adapting or Just Sad?

I came to the conclusion last week I’m suffering from low grade depression. Then I stopped and googled the definition of ‘DEPRESSION’ – it said this: Characterized by persistent sadness and a lack of interest or pleasure in previously rewarding or enjoyable activities.

YES! I’m a music artist, Tee Slaves, and I feel like I am dragging my feet to do the things I’m normally HYPED to do. I said it out loud, “I think you’re depressed girl.” I suffer from mental health issues so I’m always managing my mood. Prolonged moods. Wellness methods that worked, no longer work. It as if the feeling of happiness no longer can be prolonged. It’s like a speed bump that makes you go “weeeee” then you’re back on the beaten path of life. I finished my music project, feeling meh. I am building my writing team here, feeling meh, I am working on another pandemic-outdoor-event, feeling meh. I protest for Black Lives, feeling meh. I promote as much as my heart and my Instagram feed permits on any given day, feeling meh. I feel like a fraud and a gem at the same time. Trying to promote good mental health, and wholeness within, feeling mehh. But I found this, you can still be productive in Corona depression.




You can find out all these random quirks in your personalities and how it makes you a celebrity in your own right. It’s a stupid way to feel good about yourself for a while. Get into it! Take quizzes, and then send them to your group chats. It’s hilarious to hear what your friends think about which Kardashian-Jenner you are most alike.


Pen to paper. Leave your phone somewhere else, perhaps a charger so you can continue to binge as soon as you’re ready. You can write down anything. Practice writing your name. Practice writing your future name if you’re unmarried. Practice writing your future children’s name. Write the color of your tee-shirt. Write out your opening monologue for your own Tonight Show. Literally it can be anything. There’s something weird about your own creation that snaps you back into reality. It also gives you back control over your own thoughts and feelings.


Even if you’re horrible and people never like it. Do it. Put on a Food Network game show like Beat Bobby Flay and get to work. You can find sites that give you recipes based on whatever ingredients you have handy. I love this site: https://www.supercook.com/#/recipes

For fun, send us something you’ve made and we’ll get it on our YouTube channel. Email the footage to theredeyemediagrp@gmail.com


Medical journal at Mom’s doctor appointment, a pamphlet for something you have no clue about, hell it could be the weekly discounts at your local grocer. An old magazine you found when you decided to clean your room. Read something new, or something old that you never got around to reading. Get your brain juices flowing. A book or a novel will surely open up your imagination and creative spirit. But it could be a bunch of business cards you got at that networking event in February. When life was….normal.

Cherish your life. It is okay to not feel great about it currently. But do make plans, be excited about accomplishments. Challenge the new you to be better than the old you. You are all you have.

Love Tahyira

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