Netflix or Hulu: Who Wins September?

Well everyone, it is that time of the month again! Oh, no, not that. It’s the time that your favorite streaming services release new content! It always brings me joy to go online and see what’s coming to a couch near me. Being that it’s September, I also am hoping to see a lot of fall and Halloween content. I’m ready to get in the spooky spirit. I also love to tell all of my friend which streaming service has the best content released for the month. It’s all so exciting. Let’s get into it. I’m going to stick with adult content only for this one. I might do a kid version later.

Netflix’s movie releases are pretty darn good. All three Back to the Future movies are on Netflix this month. How awesome is that? A whole weekend of mine is already planned out. Great!

The amazing 1997 movie Coneheads will also be available. Talk about a great throwback.

If you want a different kind of comedy I highly recommend the 2001 movie starring everyone’s actual favorite Chris, Chris Evans, Not Another Teen Movie. That movie did such a great job parodying every single late 90’s teen movie. I think everyone who grew up watching and loving movies like Can’t Hardly Wait, She’s All That, and Drive Me Crazy would really laugh their butt off watching a young Chris Evans give late 90’s blue steel for 1.5 hours.

Pretty late in the month the movie Waiting drops. If you have worked in the retail/restaurant industry, you need to watch this movie for cathartic reasons. It stars a younger Ryan Reynolds in his typical sarcastic style, Anna Farris, Justin Long, and John Francis Daley.

There is one new romcom that I will want to check out. It stars Rachel Leigh Cook (She’s All That) and Damon Wayans Jr. (New Girl, but also check him out in Happy Endings) so based on that alone, I don’t even need to google what it’s about. I’m in!

There’s one drama that didn’t get the best reviews, but I’m intrigued because of the cast. I’m Thinking of Ending Things stars Toni Collette (Knives Out, Fun Mom Dinner) and David Thewlis (Harry Potter movies as Remus Lupin). I might give it a go if I’m having a rough weekend and feeling a bit down already.

One that I hadn’t heard of but is apparently a big deal, is the movie The Devil All the Time starring Tom Holland and Robert Pattinson. No idea, but if I want to cave to peer pressure, this one will be watched.

Not very Halloweeny yet with the movie selection, but some great movies if you want to laugh your butt off through September’s round of quarantine. So good job Netflix. Now the shows.

So I won’t be watching it probably, but I’ve seen so many ads for that new sci-fi show starring Hilary Swank, Away. I just don’t tend to like her movies, but I do see the appeal there.

One show that I am so excited for is Criminal: UK Season. The first season starred Nicholas Andre Pinnock (Top Boy) and David Tennant (Doctor Who, Broadchurch). From what I can tell the criminals will be different, but the detectives will be the same from the first season. I cannot wait.

Ryan Murphy obviously has another show being released. We couldn’t get through one season without one, right? Ratched has an amazing cast, too many names to list here, so maybe it will be worth checking out for me. It’s based on the true story of nurse Mildred Ratched, and I absolutely love when shows are made off of real life. Though, don’t come at me, I still haven’t watched the 1975 Academy stunner One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. I read the book in high school though, so there.

I’m an absolute sucker for British comedies, so the new series The Duchess is on my radar. I usually don’t like to start brand new shows. I tend to wait until they have out at least two seasons, and a third has been announced. But I’ve had some major luck with comedies from across the pond, so I’ll probably give this one a go.

I don’t do reality shows, but this one isn’t exactly like the rest, so it gets a pass from me. Releasing the fourth season at the end of September, Netflix’s Jack Whitehall: Travels with my Father is completely worth binging. It’s just good, wholesome, dysfunctional family fun.

Netflix has tons, I mean a lot, of documentaries though if that’s what you’re into. But that’s what’s on Netflix that caught my attention. Let’s see how Hulu holds up.

Hulu has one of the best movies coming out September 1st. Robin Williams, Nathan Lane, and Hank Azaria’s amazing comedy The Birdcage will be yours for the whole month. Watch it every weekend, please. 2020 begs this of you. If you haven’t seen the 2020 meme with Hank’s “Spartacus” bit, please go look it up right this second. It’s my Insta/FB story right now.

If you want a cheesy throwback to the early 90’s, fun-time-having Demolition Man is your ticket. There was confirmation of Demolition Man 2 back in May. Let’s hope this happens. I have to see what restaurant we are stuck with in the future this time.

Hulu also has Not Another Teen Movie. Am I the only one who gets confused when both streaming services have the same thing? Just me? Okay, thanks.

Killing it with another 90’s perfect movie, Hulu has Stargate as well. I admit, I hardly notice Kurt Russell as I’m swooning over a young James Spader. I’ve never watched the tv show spinoff, was it any good?

If you want to shame watch the whole set of movies, Hulu has all of The Twilight Saga movies for you. I swear one day I will just break down and read the books and then watch the movies. It’s almost like you have to, to complete this level of 2020 right?

The only real Halloween movie I noticed was The Addams Family, but that’s enough to get me started. I can just watch that once a week.

For shows, Hulu actually doesn’t have a whole lot that excites me for September.

I admit I had no idea The Simpsons was on Season 32. Wow. Can’t wait to see what horrible predictions about our messed-up country they make come true.

If you like adult animated comedies though, please check out the 11th Season of Archer. It’s honestly one of only two animated shows for adults I can watch.

The buzz around Season 1 for the show Woke is everywhere. If you miss seeing Lamorne Morris on New Girl, here’s your show. It feels like this will be a fresh, original show, which we are lacking big time today. It will explore Keef (Lamorne Morris) being a Black cartoonist about to make it big while exploring the racism that is hugely prevalent in America.

A show that I know has gotten a lot of recognition, but that I honestly probably won’t get around to anytime soon, is Pen15. This comedy from Maya Erskine (Plus One, definitely worth checking out) deals with all of the fun, or in my case and theirs, lack thereof, of being in middle school. The catch is that they are adults playing their younger selves, surrounded by actual younger people playing the other middle schoolers, and I’m not sure I’ll be able to get lost in that. At least not this year. I have enough trauma to relive on my own, thanks.

If you like award shows, don’t miss the 72nd Emmy Awards on Sunday, September 20th. I live for award shows. It’ll be interesting to see how they do these socially distant versions.

Well, that’s it. I will have to give it to Netflix this time. They have the better movies and more anticipated (at least by me) shows dropping in September. I feel like all Hulu has for September is Woke, Pen15, and the Emmy’s. Netflix just has movie after movie and show after show that I am super freaking excited about. Granted, I am a little sad that neither really started to bring the Halloween vibe. So, I’ll be extremely critical of their October lineups. If you need an October fix though, Disney+ has Hocus Pocus, so run amok, amok, amok, on over there.

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