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Situationship #2

I’ve been trying to write something that further defines the waves of the bay. But I’m unable to make it clever, to make it mean something to the desirable and the undesirable, and get an applause. I’m too honest for my own good… I’m sitting here in the room, in front of the water, watching…

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What I’m watching in quarantine

At this point, I should probably make a series of articles describing what i’m doing in quarantine. As I’ve said previously, I’ve been healing a lot during quarantine by listening to healing and affirming podcasts. But, I’ve also been doing America’s favorite pastime..bingewatching. Everyone has been bingewatching during quarantine. And we need to! Its tough…

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The Handmaid’s Tale, Told

Hello everyone! How has quarantine been treating you? Have you started taking your house plants out for dates on the back patio yet? No? Well good for you! My friend told me she’s only done that once, so leave her alone. If you are like me, you’ve been spending your long nights scrolling through your…

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TV Series- Life is Easy

Imagine swapping bodies with your best friend? One morning you wake up and instead of the male body you are suddenly in the body of your best female friend. How would you react? What would you do? How would you do their job?? Well new TV series Life is Easy is exactly that, friends, BFFs,…

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Sucks To Suck Bro!

But wait, cancer isn’t my fault you might say. “Die in a fire or give us six digits in medical bills” is effectively their reply. You are now in a position, where that which is not your fault is held against you at maximum penalty. You didn’t know? “Suck to suck” is the canned reply.

"sucks to suck buckarooni"

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