Supernatural: Heart of the Dragon – Sam and Dean as side characters

By: Corey Lack

So, I recently read the book Heart of the Dragon, another book featuring a new story taking place in the Supernatural universe. This one, released back in 2010 and written by Keith R.A. DeCandido, has no direct connection to the previous books I’ve reviewed. There are no references or connection to the events of them beyond the presence of Sam and Dean. The story focuses around a case brought to the two brothers by their new angelic ally, Castiel, who warns them of a powerful spirit that shows up every forty years in San Francisco, the same spirit that has previously been fought by the Campbell family and their Dad eighty and forty years ago respectively.

First let’s talk about the actual story. The prologue focused on how the spirit was created from the wrongful death of an honorable samurai thanks in part to a demon hoping to use him as a weapon in the Apocalypse. Then, comes the part that I didn’t particularly like. You see, the book is divided into three different sections, each focusing on a different time. The Campbells’ section was first and was by far the longest, taking up multiple chapters as they researched the spirit and tried to stop it. John Winchester’s part was next and was slightly shorter than the Campbells’, but was still multiple chapters. The boys, however, is last and makes up about two chapters. In short, the main characters of this whole franchise barely got any screen time. Heck, the antagonist summoning the spirit was seen more than the brothers were in this. Now, this wouldn’t be a problem if it was like the episode “Weekend at Bobby’s” where the story focused on a more interesting character, but that’s not the case in this story. I never really liked the Campbells and John actually worked better as a character when there was very little development to him.

The writing was fine beyond the format of the overall story. Since the characters that got the least amount of screen time in the show were the focus here, I can’t really say how accurate the writing was.

Honestly, this story continues the trend I’m noticing of the Supernatural books being average in terms of enjoyment. As a long-time fan, this one is rather disappointing. I’m not even sure that I’d recommend it because there just wasn’t anything memorable happening in it. I’d give it 4 flaming katanas out of 10.

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