Black Live Matter Activists And Black Creatives Continue To Be Shadow Banned Via Instagram Bot Scam

Have you noticed all the accounts that would watch your story that don’t follow you. Then it seems that none of your active followers can see your story? Yeah. You’re not alone.

We’ve been tracking tons of these stories from different types of users.

These screenshots were taken as the bots have all been reported to Instagram as fake or spam accounts yet nothing seems to change. The targets are Black users based in the United States who shared information regarding Black voting rights and those that highlight Black Lives Matter content as their primary source of posting.

Users have been told by Instagram that shadowbanned accounts get blocked from the overuse of the same hashtags. Hmmm, seems that’s would be something a user would be notified about right? If your account is violating terms then that should be in clear written terms.

Instagram Shadowban? Here’s How to Remove it – Quantum Marketer

It’s censorship. Remember when Kim K brought light to it when she partnered with a Black brand for a cross promotion. Kim Kardashian West to Freeze Instagram, Facebook Accounts – Variety

Also here, when Variety wrote about Black brands being lost in the algorithm, How Small, Black-Owned Businesses Get Tangled in Instagram’s Ad-Approval Algorithm | Vanity Fair

Why would a free social media platform that is responsible for promoting misinformation at the highest levels (2016 Presidential Race for ie) be doing this?

We’ve reached out to Facebook and Instagram but no one seems to care.

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