What I’m watching in quarantine

At this point, I should probably make a series of articles describing what i’m doing in quarantine. As I’ve said previously, I’ve been healing a lot during quarantine by listening to healing and affirming podcasts. But, I’ve also been doing America’s favorite pastime..bingewatching. Everyone has been bingewatching during quarantine. And we need to! Its tough out here. We need television to relax bait. We are in a pandemic after all. We deserve to to be able to watch television without feeling guilty. Whether you cry, laugh or both, I hope you guys have a reaction to these shows and tell your friends: on FaceTime.

I May Destroy You - Wikipedia
I May Destroy You-BBC

I May Destroy You is a BBC comedy drama. It aired on HBO this year as well. It stars Michaela Coel. She is an actress, writer, director and singer. She is well known for her role as awkward but hilarious Tracey in Chewing Gum. I May Destroy You is a story of sexual assault. Arabella (played by Coel) gets sexually assaulted in a club and has to reassess everything in her life including everyone around her. I like realistic, think pieces of television. This was a heavy show to watch, but it was so smart and rewarding to see it to the end. Coel really brings this character to life, but I would suggest breaks and some tissues next to you. I had to watch 3 episodes then take a break myself.

Catfish: The TV Show - Home | Facebook

Ok, I know. Why and how is anyone getting catfished in 2020? Catfish is a MTV reality investigative show. Catfish refers to the slang term for someone who seduces someone under a false identity. It has aired for 8 seasons. I have watched almost every episode. It’s kind of cool that people still see the good in people and you can fall in love or in like with someone who you haven’t heard or talk on the phone. Kind of cool and naive. It comes on every Wednesday.

Ghosted: Love Gone Missing | Season 2 Episodes (TV Series) | MTV
Ghosted MTV

Ghosted:Love Gone Missing is a newer show on Mtv. It comes on after Catfish. It also is an investigative, reality show. Instead of catching the catfish, like their predecessors, they help people who have been ghosted. Ghosting is the practice when someone disappears and cuts off contact without any warning or justification. It sucks, to be honest. Catfish and Ghosted are satisfying shows to watch , especially now because you see people interacting and meeting even in quarantine. And you see the contestant the hosts are helping be vindicated.

These shows are very entertaining to watch during quarantine! Let me know what you think in the comments!

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