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It’s here! Another new month! That means another new round of unlimited new shows and movies coming to all of my streaming services. It’s just the adult version of Christmas right? When we open the app for the first time of the new month. What will the new background be? What will be my new suggested shows that I might like? Maybe it’s just quarantine… maybe I shouldn’t be so excited about something as trivial as which show I will want to watch next… 2020 though right? I’m so excited!

Now, I haven’t had streaming services that long. Just going on two years. I don’t know why I paid for cable so long to be honest. No one watches the shows live anymore. I haven’t been able to in about a decade anyway. Plus, I cannot believe how much money I wasted paying a cable company. That can be a completely different blog. Why you should just ditch cable!! But I digress. THE NEW SHOWS!

So I have Hulu and Netflix. Just the basic ones. Of course I bum other ones from family and friends for my kids to watch, but I just watch those two. We’ll start with Netflix. Some content that is leaving that you really should try to catch somewhere else or at another time are as follows, in no particular order.

Skins. This is a British comedy, that also has heart, about rowdy teenage debauchery. If you want to see your favorite Game of Thrones actors as babies, check this out. It is not at all suitable for kids, so watch it alone.

Love. This is a super cute dramedy from Judd Apatow about two complete opposites that you just want to work as a couple! It’s only 3 seasons, so you can knock it out in a weekend.

Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer. My kids really wanted to watch this one weekend. It is adorable. I highly suggest if you have children to watch this.

Okay. Some movies that are leaving that have me devastated are: Bad Boys, Bad boys II, Clueless (why would you do that to us??), Groundhog Day (I get it, we are living it, it’s too painful), and V for Vendetta (government, don’t think we don’t know what you are doing).

But, as it is August, we are getting closer to fall and the awesome kinds of movies that come with it. After looking at the list, I will say I’m only excited for The Addams Family and The NeverEnding Story, but there are plenty I can see people being excited about. After reading the list of shows and movies coming in August, and googling the few that seemed interesting, I’m going to just say it… Hulu wins August.

Hulu has been killing it lately with the content. And not just because I am obsessed with The Handmaid’s Tale right now. They just seem to have the better strategy in getting the better content. The list of movies coming in August is very Halloween and horror driven, and has me so excited for the fall season., while still having old goodies (City Slickers, City Slickers 2, Four Weddings and a Funeral, and Top Gun to name a few) to last me for the whole month. One show I want to watch, but know I won’t watch, but will want someone else to watch and tell me about is Love in the Time of Corona. I need to know if it is what I think it is.

To be honest, the things leaving in July don’t really bother me that much. None of the shows I watch are, and the only movie that will cause a ruckus is Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown because my kids will riot.

All in all, not a terrible month in terms of what’s leaving. Hulu has the fall guide to Halloween down pretty well. Netflix doesn’t have a whole lot of new seasons of shows I watch coming out. I’ll give August to Hulu. I know we still have some pretty big months ahead. Either could take the lead in the last quarter.

Are there any shows or movies you are sad to see go? Any shows you are so freaking excited to come out in August? Does anyone else get ridiculously happy to see the new background for the month? Like, it’s a big thing here. We all gather in front of the screen to see what it is together, because in past months we have learned if someone sees it last, the whole house is at war for days. In a world where you aren’t leaving your house much, it is an important event.

Well, enjoy your facetime watching with friends, binge watching your favorite show until 2 a.m., and snuggling up with your kiddos to watch that new family movie.

Happy streaming friends!

“When we launched Hulu, everybody was saying ‘Oh, this is going to be a substitute for pay TV in the living room’.” ~ Jason Kilar, Founding CEO of Hulu

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