Age of Zeus – It’s All Greek

By: Corey Lack

age of zeus

Age of Zeus was a book written by James Lovegrove and released back in 2010. It featured a version of Earth where the Greek gods have descended and taken over the globe, forcing a version of peace upon all Humanity that comes as a result of the gods essentially holding a knife to Mankind’s throat. Essentially the idea is that Humanity behaves and ends all wars or the gods will destroy both sides of the conflicts. On the surface, most of Humanity has accepted the gods’ rule and has continued their normal lives as best as they could, all the while trying to avoid getting on their bad side, as they are infamous for their bad tempers as much as their powers. That said, a wealthy man decides the gods need to go, so he hires a group of soldiers to don state-of-the-art powersuits and arm themselves with powerful weaponry and has them hunt down each of the gods.


First, let’s talk about the characters. Right off the bat, the reader finds that the soldiers, or Titans as they take to calling themselves, have their own reasons for wanting to take down the gods and their pet monsters. These typically involve the gods doing what they’re best known for and that is whatever they want and not care a lick about collateral damage. Heracles going off on a temper tantrum and tossing cars around in the middle of a city, killing one of the Titans’ loved ones, Poseidon, in response to a slight against him, calls up a tsunami, and so on. Each of the Titans are believable in their desire to wipe out the gods and, despite their very diverse backgrounds, it was easy to connect to them as a reader. As a longtime fan of Greek mythology, it was very clear that Lovegrove had done a lot of research when creating the gods  in this book. Their personalities and knowledge of their actions, as well as the scientific explanation for the various supernatural abilities really drew me into the story.


The plot was pretty straightforward and that worked for the story in my opinion. The characters wanna kill the gods and they seek to do so. That’s not saying they aren’t seeking more information about their mysterious benefactor or the gods themselves at the same time. There’s even a pretty significant twist near the end that I can honestly say that I did not see coming.


I really enjoyed this book and I strongly recommend it to anyone that likes action books, Greek mythology, or just a unique story. I’d give it 9.5 lightning bolts out of 10.

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