” I’ll Reopen Polling Stations In The South”

Arnold Schwarzenegger pledge to reopen polling stations in the South

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been very open on how he feels the current administration is doing and has been verbal on what he believes is a fundamental right to keep democracy alive.

“If its a budget issue lets talk” said the Terminator gone governor referring to the closed polling stations in the south. Apparently this has been n his mind for quite some time.

“I’m a fanatic about voting”, he exclaimed in his tweet. Which isn’t very surprising. Coming from his country (Austria) who was controlled by Nazis during World War II. Since coming to America the “True Lies” actor has been the milestone in how the American Dream can be accomplished. From his early start in body building to his acting debut with his thick Austrian accent. He was not the ideal mold for the amount of accomplishments he has accumulated over his career.

A Tweet From Former governor of California Putting his Money where his mouth is

Especially when it came to his political run for governor of California. Since then, hes used his platform to make California a better place and environmentally friendly.

Which is why his Jingle All The Way selflessness is reaching out for something that is very close to home for him. Knowing what a vote means and how the people have the power to change the world for the better.

His questioning of why so many polling sites have closed in the past few years predominately in minority communities and low income neighborhoods is not a question many haven’t asked before. The difference is Conan the Barbarian actor has the platform and the fiances to make the difference we all want to see in our Representatives for our Country.

Wednesday’s Tweet from the Governor is something that every politician should look at themselves in the mirror and ask about. If America was found on democracy, the people’s voice, why is it that politicians are closing polling stations down and in turn silencing voices of their constituents? If every AMERICAN voice matters why wont they help let them be heard especially the ones they say matter the most?

He continued, “This is serious question. Is closing polling stations about making it harder for minorities to vote, or is it because of budgets? If you say it’s because of your budget, Let’s talk.”

In the way of all things that is Dutch, “Dillon, You SonofaBitch.”

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