Kaysar evicted from Big Brother 22 All Stars (Spoilers) #savekaysar

This season is the most disappointing season I have ever watched of Big Brother. I’m not going to lie…I even tuned out from an episode or two. So far no shakes ups, just boring evictions one after the next.

This time is no different. Kaysar is the latest houseguest to leave the show. However, I did see a glimmer of hope.

Right before, Kaysar left, some positive things actually happened. They showed Ian actually wake up and believe that an alliance is running the house. They showed Bayleigh being fully informed of the alliance as well. Something has to happen right?

Even later, Kaysar made his goodbye speech, he blew up the “hidden” alliance further by detailing who is in it. The alliance includes Cody, Nicole, Dani, Enzo, Memphis and Christmas. Dani looked pissed…

With 10 votes Kaysar is voted out. Yet, I think he is the real winner. We have tons of people who still like this man. He even admitted in his interview with Julie that he didn’t come back for the money, just to give something back to the public. Well he did, it was awesome to see him and Janelle again.

Now we are in new territory. With no Kaynelle/Jaysar alliance, who are we rooting for? Sorry, I’m not feeling most of the others left on this show. Christmas is the new head of household and I doubt she will change the status quo.

Hoping somehow Ian, Da’Vonne, or Bayleigh can somehow pull this thing out. Win some competitions guys, we need you!

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