The Town (2010) – The Most Boston Movie To Ever Boston

BOSTON! GO SOX! GO PATS! That’s Boston. Now, I’m not from Boston but I am from Massachusetts and to anyone outside of Massachusetts, all of Massachusetts might as well be Boston. So… GO SOX!

The accents! The terrible roads! The awful city planning! THAT’S. BOSTON. BABY!

OK, I’ll be honest. I thought I’d have more to say about this movie after watching. But I don’t. It’s good a good movie. Certainly, wasn’t a waste of time. It was just your classic bank robbery movie. Except this time, it took place in Boston instead of New York or Los Angeles or Gotham. If you like those types of crime movies. I suggest checking this one out, its on Netflix. But if you don’t, The Town doesn’t exactly redefine the genre or turn it on its head in anyway, so you probably won’t like it.

Again, wish I had more to say. But it is a good movie. The performances are really well done. The action is shot well. The tension of the heists are executed well. But at the end of the day, this movie is still  a pretty cookie-cutter bank robbery movie. One guy wants out of the life. But he can’t leave until they do one last job. The BIG job. But this time…. Its in Boston BABY! But, hey, if it ain’t broke.

GO SOX! GO PATS! I give this movie 7 dropped Rs out of 10.

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