On This Day in History, September 7

In 1652, about 15,000 Chinese peasants in Taiwan revolted against Dutch rule. Led by sugarcane farmer Guo Huaiyi, the force of revolting peasants stormed a Dutch fort, primarily armed with bamboo weapons. Their issues with Dutch rule came from a head tax levied onto solely Chinese farmers, and not the aboriginal Taiwanese, along with corruption among the Dutch troops. The rebellion would be put down four days later.

In 1860, Italian unification leader and general Giuseppe Garibaldi entered Naples, capital of what was still the Kingdom of the Two Sicillies. His entrance into Naples did not mean the defeat of their army, for he had yet to face the Neapolitan military, but it was a major moment in the Unification of Italy during the Expedition of the Thousand, which brought southern Italy into the larger Kingdom.

In 1986, Desmond Tutu became the Archbishop of the Anglican Diocese of Cape Town in South Africa during apartheid. He was elected into the position with a great deal of support from the clergy, though some white Anglicans did depart the church following his appointment. Over thirteen hundred people were present for his enthronement ceremony, held on this date.

A Notable Birth

1533 – Elizabeth I (d. 1603) was an English monarch of the Tudor dynasty and daughter of Henry VIII. Under her rule, the reformation of the church through Anglicanism continued, despite efforts by foreign powers to assassinate and replace her. Her forty-plus year reign is known as the Elizabethan Era.

A Notable Death

2002 – Uziel Gal (b. 1923) was a weapons designer. His family fled Germany following the Nazi rise to power, remaining briefly in the United States before moving to then-Palestine. He began designing his most famous weapon, the Uzi submachine gun, around the outbreak of the 1948 Arab-Israeli War.

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