On This Day in History, September 8

In 1380, Rus principalities under the leadership of Prince Dmitry Ivanovich of Moscow defeated a massive force of the Golden Horde at the Battle of Kulikovo. While his victory did not end Mongol rule over Rus, Russian historians have painted it as a turning point in resistance by the Russians against Mongol rule and raised Moscow as a power in the region. Following this battle, there would be historical recognition of Muscovy as a state, which would expand to become the Russia of today.

In 1810, 33 men of the recently created Pacific Fur Company, owned by John Jacob Astor, departed New York City aboard the Tonquin. They would sail for six months, going around the tip of South America, before arriving at their destination at the mouth of the Columbia River. Following their arrival in Oregon, the men would establish the fur-trading town, Astoria.

In 1916, sisters Augusta and Adeline Van Buren arrived in Los Angeles, sixty days after departing Brooklyn, New York on a pair of motorcycles. With American entry into World War I becoming more likely, they wanted to prove that women could be sued as motorcycle messengers, freeing up men for other military roles. While their trek failed to push what they wanted, they did receive attention for their effort. Most of that attention, though, was critical of them, and even degrading.

A Notable Birth

1897 – Jimmie Rodgers (d. 1933) was an American musician who is best known as being “the Father of Country Music.” Having become popular through early recordings of his music instead of live concerts, his yodeling style has been considered distinctive and his musicianship in country, folk, and the blues has been recognized by many for generations.

A Notable Death

1935 – Carl Weiss (b. 1906) was an American physician, who like his father, worked in Baton Rogue, Louisiana. When Senator Huey Long effectively removed his father-in-law, Judge Benjamin Pavy, from his post, Carl, according to accepted events, confronted the senator and assassinated him. The Senator’s guards shot him.

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