The Biggest Game of 2020

Okay, before I continue, this article’s title is a bit more literal than you’d expect. It’s discussing the size of video games rather than the actual “biggest game” in terms of popularity.

A while back, I downloaded Call of Duty Warzone to play with some friends because it was free and we were on that Battle Royale hype. The game was great overall. Graphics were good, it felt like Call of Duty, and bugs weren’t that bad. There was a growing hacker problem, but personally it never bothered me. What did bother me, was the game size.

While the game is free, I had to quit not because I got tired of the game. Not because the game was poorly designed. Not because the hackers became too much. The game was just way too big, file size wise. Every update was an extra 30 GB for some forsaken reason. Every time I wanted to pick up the game, I always came back to a massive update that took a long time to download.

So, how does this compare to other games? Well, let’s compare it to the two shooters I play at the moment, Valorant and Overwatch.

So for a single update, it is about the same size as the entirety of Overwatch, and double the size of Valorant. Games should be concerned of the optimization, graphics, and design, but file size is also a huge factor to remember in games. Not everyone has gigabytes upon gigabytes of space in their computer, and that alone can be the deciding factor in whether or not they play a game or not.

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