Hudson Hawk – An Unusual Comedy

By: Corey Lack

Hudson Hawk was a 1991 film starring Bruce Willis, Danny Aiello, and Andie MacDowell. The movie focused on Eddie “Hudson Hawk” Hawkins, a notorious thief, who times his crimes by singing showtunes, trying to enjoy his first day of parole from prison and get a nice cappuccino when he is blackmailed by the CIA, his own parole officer, the Mafia, and a billionaire into doing more heists. Eventually, Hawkins finds that the heists are focused around finding a special crystal created by Leonardo Di Vinci, which can turn lead into gold. While he tries to prevent this priceless item out of their hands, he had to deal with a blade-throwing butler, CIA operatives named after candy bars, and violent mafioso.

In regards of the plot, the whole thing is satisfactory. This is not a movie that you go to see for the plot. It’s pretty straightforward and there weren’t really any big plot twists to be seen. There were a couple twists, but honestly, they were so small that even the movie didn’t really dwell on them.

The main selling point was the comedy, which was very Looney Tunes-esque. There was slapstick, funny voices, and comedic banter. There were many points during this movie that I honestly laughed at what I was seeing. The comedy definitely makes the movie worth a watch, though some of the jokes may be a little…dated.

The movie is about as unusual as the various characters that are seen throughout its plot. Somehow, the bumbling mafioso and showtunes-singing thieves are the most normal members of the cast. The different characters each play as a sort of parody of their stereotypes and still manage to play off of each other. With the Candy Bars interacting and conflicting with the super wealthy and evil Corporation, the comedy works really well, especially when Hawk finds himself in the middle of said interactions.

Hudson Hawk is a goofy and fun movie. With its admittedly lackluster plot, but zany comedy, the movie is certainly worth a fair shake if you’ve got the time. I’d give it 6.5 hat conventions out of 10.

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