Black Is…

A void.

The Space between, and in between the between.

The mold that gaps and comforts the Stars.

Beyond the endless boundaries.

Black is nothing. Black is everything.

Distant, yet close.

Before, yet after.

Cold, yet comforting.

Do not stare for too long.

Do not touch.

Do not stroll in the unfamiliar.

For you will be lost.

Black is osmosis.

Heat. Light.

Moisture. Faith.

Pain. Wisdom.

Tradition. Culture.

Love. Hope.

Death. Life.

It is not one thing. We are…


Black is Joy.

Black is Beauty.

Black is Rage.

Black is Pure.

Black is Traumatic Excellence.

Kings and Queens,

stripped of power.

Black is to Overcome.


I’ve never seen evil.

Nor dirt.

Nor wickedness.


Nor any curse.

The Prophet is Black.

The Bush is Black.

The Gold is Black.

The Now is Black.


A Pedestal of Grief and Pride.

The weight of it, upon our shoulders.

We are not what we are labelled.

We simply are, no longer is, Black.

A Poem Written by Tajh Smith.

Artist Spotlight Poetry In Motion

Tajh C. Smith View All →

Writer, Film Maker

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