Beauty Youtuber Ethan Peters Overdoses At Age 17

Ethan Peters, known online as Ethanissupreme, has been reported dead by his father, Gerald Peters, on Sunday, September 6, 2020. Peters was 17 at the time of death and has been struggling with addiction for a number of years before the overdose.

Peters had a large online presence on all social media, including 500K followers on Instagram and 140K on YouTube despite posting only 49 videos. He primarily posted make-up tutorials with a focus on dramatic, edgy looks, but he also posted day-in-the-life style vlogs and launched a clothing brand called Hellboy.

“He wanted nothing but to inspire, make people laugh and push the boundaries of what is acceptable in our world for all young people.”

Gerald Peters, Ethan’s Father.

Peters was also a very controversial figure for much of his online career. He was frequently accused of wearing blackface, using anti-black and transphobic slurs, body-shaming, and there are a number of controversies about the legality of his clothing brand. Because of these many controversies, a number of people on the internet are celebrating his death and saying that he had it coming for him, but his family is asking people to remember Peters for the positive things he’s done and mourn how he was denied the opportunity to change. A number of influencers have also stepped up to speak about this tragedy, including some of his victims.

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