Riot Revealed Mythic Items, Its a Problem.

Riot recently released a video, talking about all sorts of things being updated, and one of the biggest talking points is Mythic items. Mythic items serve as a special item that boost all other items, while providing an insane amount of stats, and provide special abilities for the holder. These items are unique, and can’t be stacked. So there’s a huge problem with the general direction these items take, is they inherently remove the weaknesses characters are designed around.

So, one of the biggest weakness most ADCs have is incapable of surviving burst. So, naturally Riot decided to make an item that gives AD, attack speed, critical strike chance, life steal, with a phantom dancer shield passive that gives lifesteal, and the worst part, armor and magic resistance with every item. The thing is, that is the only counter play to most ADCs, especially as an assassin. If we’ve learned anything from Death’s Dance, an item that converted damage into bleed, is that giving ADCs insane sustain and anti-burst is a horrible idea.

The part that irks me most is the armor and magic resistance the item also provides. ADCs are meant to be squishy. They are meant to die easily. This item is horrendously designed to negate that problem, since armor and magic resistance are exponential. The first 20-40 armor and magic resistance is worth A LOT, and past 100 it starts becoming minimal, so +8 resistance per item negates a ton of damage.

What about anti-mobility? You know, the thing champions like Kog’maw, Ashe, Jhin, and a lot of other champions were designed around? What if all of these champions were given a dash? Wouldn’t that be great for the state of the game where mobility creep has become far more prevalent. I genuinely wonder how they’re going to balance this item around ADCs and Bruisers. As if melee characters already didn’t have a difficult time getting onto the enemy carry if they weren’t positioned horribly.

Okay, how about an item that amps critical damage while giving true damage on hit for tanks? So y’know, they are capable of shredding both tanks and squishies alike! Okay, this item is easily the worst of the 3, since if it’s broken, they can tune down the damage on hit. The problem with giving a dash or resistances or shields to ADCs is it’s almost impossible to balance it around every single character. It is bound to be broken on one character and completely useless on another. The problem is these items give ADCs an option to be just like everyone else. Maybe it’s easier to balance champions if they all have an optional dash.

If I were to guess, the next champion, Samira, is going to be absolutely broken with Crimson Shieldbow. I’m assuming these are going to be preseason items, so Riot won’t touch it until preseason is over, where they’ll finally fix it. Either that or it’s broken to the point it has to be hotfixed. Either way, these items don’t seem healthy for the game, and are most likely to cause more problems than fix.

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