The 10th of September 2020 Recalls Health Concerns

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The world acted as if I was invisible. The past three years have been a mess. I was mixed up and almost lost myself. How I acted was not me. Depression violently and unwittingly attack me, got on top of me then suffocated me. The moment I had a chance to gasp for air depression invited anxiety to join in on the torture. I had enough and decided to run away and make the moon my new love. I will forever be that girl that stops on the side of the road to pick the dandelions or look for the dandelion dust to blow on for a wish. Ill forever be that girl that gets excited when a rainbow appears and chase the pot of gold. (I actually pack my suitcase when I was six and ran away to go find the pot of gold.I got like a block before I turned around and saw my dad smiling at me). Am I going to make it? Once you enter My House of Broken Glass you will understand how the kaleidoscopes turn.

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