Go Watch Hazbin Hotel: YouTube’s Animated Show Sensation!

If your are an animation watching fanatic that enjoys dark comedy and is into musicals, you will enjoy Hazbin Hotel.

Creator Vivienne Medrano is the director, lead animator, lead writer, storyboard artist, character designer, and producer of the pilot episode Hazbin Hotel.

She studied at the School of Visual Arts in New York City and graduated in 2014.

While still getting her education , she uploaded her third-year thesis film The Son of 666 (2013), and her senior thesis film Timber (2014)which she won the 2014 Dusty Award.

In July 2016, she moved to California. Before she developed Hazbin Hotel, she worked as an animator in the internet series Too Loud! created by Nico Colaleo on DreamworksTV.

The pilot episode of Hazbin Hotel is on her YouTube channel called Vivziepop and was released October 28,2019. In just a year the views continue to increase and have surpassed 44 million views. Being an animated adult show, it’s vulgar comedy and her themes centered around mythology what attract so many viewers. Vivienne Medrano’s interest in hell theology and demonology is what helped create her own interpretation of what hell could be.

The story centers around a character named Charlie who is the princess of Hell. Her goal is to rehabilitate demons and minimize the population in her kingdom. Her solution is opening up a hotel where demon patients can leave with a one way ticket to heaven. However with very little support in her cause, her partner Vaggie and their only patron adult film star Angel Dust are the only ones who are supporting her. When a powerful being known as “The Radio Demon” offers his assistance, her dream is one step closer to reality.

It is confirmed that this show will be in the making, there is no specific date. There was an announcement on August 7, that the entertainment network A24 will be working with Vivienne Medrano to create the show.

In addition to the musical becoming a reality, a new song has been released July 17 of this year on her channel called Addict by Silva Hound featuring the voice actors Michael Kovach and Chi-Chi, who voice two characters in Hazbin Hotel. This music video reached over 37 million views.

If this doesn’t scream potential I don’t know what does.

The pilot alone will make you laugh out loud, shock you, and fascinate you with it’s catchy music. Take a look if you dare!

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