Listening to heal: A dive in therapeutic podcasts during quarantine

In this weird time in 2020, we have been pulled in all directions. A lot of us has had time to really work on ourselves. Or not. I have seen so many videos and posts on “how to glow up in quarantine” or “what to do during quarantine”. In society, the term “grind and shine” has been uplifted. We are taught to be working and always thinking of working. And if you aren’t, you’re an anomaly. And its crazy. Even in a pandemic, we are made to feel bad if we aren’t looking at remote jobs and learning all the hobbies that are out there. I am trying to have a balance. I am looking for work, but I’m also trying to give myself a break. This is a great time for a reset. A reset in your mind, body and spirit. I want to come out of this weird time feeling more confident in myself and my abilities. And for me, that means consuming media that helps me and shows me a new way of thinking. I have been a podcast-head for a while. When I was in college, the commute was 2 hours a day, 1 hour there and an hour back. And now since we are at a standstill, I am adding a ton of podcasts to my docket. I am always on a pathway to heal from abuse and trauma and you can do that by listening to podcasts. Of course, Im a believer in therapy and medication if needed. However, I’m doing this for the folks who may not have access to a therapist or may be apprehensive of therapy and are looking for

The Homecoming Podcast with Dr. Thema | Podcast on Spotify
The Homecoming Podcast with Dr Thema

. One of them is called The Homecoming Podcasts with Dr Thema. Dr Thema is a licensed psychologist and minister. She uses this podcast to help facilitate change and journey home to yourself by providing health tips and inspiration.

The Shiftshow with Adriana Bucci • A podcast on Anchor
The Shiftshow with Adriana Bucci

I have dealt with narcissistic abuse and this is the show to help you deal with it. Adriana is a life coach that wants listeners to shift their mindset and help heal from trauma and chronic pain physically and mentally.

The Self Love Fix on Apple Podcasts
The Self Love Fix

The Self-Love Fix is a new one I just started to listen to. I love it because 1) It packs a punch and 2) its usually very short. These podcasts runs from 15-25 mins at most for each. While I’m getting dressed or doing yoga, I can get through 2 or 3 episodes. The purpose of this podcast is delve deeper in healing your inner child and thriving in life with more self love and compassion.

Black Girls Heal (podcast) - Shena Tubbs | Listen Notes
Black Girls Heal

Black girls heal is about…well black girls healing. It combines coaching, practical tools and therapeutic. This podcast is to help break out of unhealthy cycles and relationships and learning more about cultivating self worth.

“I’m Grown…Now What?” With Tyree Elaine

I’m Grown…Now What really had me in my feelings. Tyree Elaine is a comedian, writer and actor. I saw her on another podcast. But when I heard this podcast, I was further solidified in my abusive experience. She tackles issues that are not often discussed in the black community and how to deal with it. The seemingly typical environment she grew up in really affected her feelings and her growth as an adult.

These are the podcasts that have really helped me in healing slowly but surely during quarantine. I am glad these resources exist for everyone. Podcasts are a great way to learn more about yourself at no cost. Healing and recovery is messy and we deserve various ways to do so.

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