Wow. RIP To The Notorious RBG

Wow wow wow. As if the stakes in our election year needed to get any higher. Here we are. The Supreme Court Justice who has been the benchmark for legal decency since she was appointed by former President Bill Clinton has died at the age of 87. Less than 50 days left before America votes for a new President, her final statement was to have the election results come in first and then her seat be replaced. The Supreme Court holds nine seats, 4 of which are currently held by Conservative Justices, if another one takes the seat, the Court will swing to the right indefinitely. Cases involving civil liberties like gay marriage, voting reform, and women’s rights could take a tremendous turn. For now let’s look at the lady’s life as a treasure. She really was notorious.

Our prayers are with the ones who are close to her and her husband who she leaves too mourn.

Do you think the Trump Admin will honor RBG’s wish to keep the court until Nov 3rd results? Let us know in the comments below.

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