The Easiest Way to Lose Weight without a Diet

Many of Us Struggle to Lose Weight

With fast food dining and delivery being the cheapest and easiest way to get something to eat, it is hard to focus on a more home cooked meal when everything is on the go. Some people have trouble with self-control, others may be on the right track but still have trouble with consistency and commitment of other diets or trying to lose those extra pounds.

There is a new method to losing weight without dieting or excessive exercise and no strict rules and no unrealistic expectations.

I recommend the Fastic App, which uses a method called intermittent fasting which is the key to weight loss, have better health, and help control cravings.

Intermittent fasting is recommended by physicians and nutritionist and results will be seen in weeks not months. I know it seems too good to be true however there is a process behind it:

The way intermittent fasting works is between a specified time of the day you do not eat anything, you fast. For example, from 7pm to 9 am the next day you do not eat anything. Once 9 am has arrived you have this window where you can eat what you want within reason. When you start your fasting period, you start the timer and when it ends you stop it. Remarkably simple.

The advantages of doing intermittent fasting is that it helps your body adjust to the new eating lifestyle and you will be able to be satisfied with fewer calories.
I have been using the Fastic App for several months and I feel more energized than ever. I do not have the urge to eat immediately after I wake up. I can differentiate when I am truly hungry vs all those times I ate because my stomach was growling profusely, yet I did not need to eat. Cravings are minimal and I do not have the urge to eat out of boredom. How is this possible? Your body stops using the glucose from food and it will start to burn the glucose that has been stored in your body leaving you energized.

Intermittent fasting is better than the typical diets you hear about that are trending because with dieting there are so many restrictions to other diets like specific meals and exercise routines and many of us have very busy lives and obligations to go to that we do not have time to stick to a program that has many rules eating regulations and counting calories. With the Fastic app you can eat normally if you do not eat anything at all when it is time to fast.

You can eat anything you want, however that doesn’t mean chocolate, potato chips or high fattening foods every day. Having a balanced diet helps, you can enjoy treats here and there and you have the freedom to eat. When fasting you can drink water and tea as long as there are no added sweeteners or sugars. This will help regulate blood sugar and your body will start to burn fat. When you aren’t fasting staying hydrated will help your body stay full without having to eat. To help keep track of the water you drink every day whether you are fasting or not there is a water tracker that you can add how much you consume each day, there is a setting so you can have a goal of how many cups you want to reach in a day. The app says they recommend 250ml per 9kg 920lbs) body weight. Everybody is different so it is up to you.

The time to fast depends on your lifestyle, adjust it so it is convenient for you. If you want to skip breakfast, go for it, and just have lunch and dinner. If you want a later lunch, then skip dinner. You can have two meals or one meal a day if you are genuinely satisfied. It all depends on your preference and of course when you genuinely feel hungry. Try other alternatives that will satisfy you. One way you can learn new eating habits with your favorite foods is through the nutrition coach on the app. It gives you advice and tips how to curve your cravings. When it comes to snacking of course you can, again, just not constant high fattening foods.

When it comes to losing the weight, it depends on the individual. For example, with my experience I noticed a difference in the first week. I lost two pounds and I didn’t even exercise any of those days. The next week I implemented two days of exercise and I lost over two pounds. Again, everyone is different and can lose weight at a certain pace. But, I can assure you that the first week you will see a change on the scale, your body will get accustomed to the new changes and results will show.
Not only does it keep track of fasting and water intake, it offers you a program to make it easy and make decisions about your health. It offers a guide to help you create a diet for you without needing to do anything, coaching provides you with important information for the long term.

I encourage you to give this a try. With Covid-19 stressing us out about going out or staying in, one thing we can try to do until this chaos comes to an end; is to take care of our bodies and look out for our well being.

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