On Hallows Eve Night Only Once In A Blue Moon

I ran away with the moon a long time ago and follow her everywhere she goes. Even have been times I get lost driving down dark county roads because I’m captivated by her illuminating glow, it’s magically. There’s always talk “Oh the crazies are going to be in full force tonight” whenever she reaches 98 to 100 percent illumination. People are in full force because of the gravitational pull she magically generates every month. Some people just can’t handle it, would be my answer to the why the saying has been around for generations.

October 2020 we are greeted on first with our Harvest moon reaching maximum illumination at 5:05 am then this is the part that excites me the most…. All Hallows’ Eve comes The Blue moon Friday October 30th 2020 at 9:49 am reaching maximum illumination. If your wondering why the am hours are listed is simply because even if you can’t see her she’s still there. The Sun just out shines her during the day. Don’t worry she isn’t missing. It’s not often we get the luxury of two beautiful full moons in one month giving it the Blue name but Hallow Eve?! This is like a dream come true for me. Halloween being my absolute favorite time of the year. 

I may be more excited then most but there’s no hucus pocus going on in my home(that I can speak of publicly). So that 6 pack of Blue moon Belgium White Beer will be in my cup with an orange while I sip on it watching from grass in my backyard. 

The moon is always the moon, the names attached to describe date back to the our ancient ancestors. They used her for many purposes, some still do. 

October has a variety of names to describe her. The Celtics called her The Harvest moon. Midevil times called her The Blood Moon. Pagens called her The Blood moon also. Choctaw tribe called her The Black Berry while the Dakotah Tribe name was Quailing Breeding Done. 

I truly hope everyone gets a front row seat this October to enjoy our beautiful Moonlight illumination twice this year. Remember only once in a blue moon does this happen.

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The world acted as if I was invisible. The past three years have been a mess. I was mixed up and almost lost myself. How I acted was not me. Depression violently and unwittingly attack me, got on top of me then suffocated me. The moment I had a chance to gasp for air depression invited anxiety to join in on the torture. I had enough and decided to run away and make the moon my new love. I will forever be that girl that stops on the side of the road to pick the dandelions or look for the dandelion dust to blow on for a wish. Ill forever be that girl that gets excited when a rainbow appears and goes to the chase the pot of gold. I found my way back to my roots. My place in the world is right under my feet and getting to my destination is my life path. This is my place to share my journey. Join me and grow with me.

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