the folklore: yeah I showed up at your party EP Review

I had to first scroll through a head-spinning amount of billboard music award tweets and articles to find anything I was actually interested in because as far as music award shows go (first of all, they’re not good) billboard’s never caught my interest at all. What I’m much more interested in is Taylor Swift’s new folklore: the year I showed up at your party chapter EP. Taylor Swift drops an EP! Does anybody know how incredibly out of character that is? I’ve been a TS fan since her self titled album came out and she was crying “teardrops over [her] guitar”, and while my favorite EP is still Sam Hunt’s X2C, she’s never done anything like this before and the folklore EP comes skidding in at a close second. 

The EP starts out with a live version of Betty from the Academy of Country Music awards (an awards show I care more about), and harmonica blowing and raw guitar strumming along Taylor sings luminous lyrics of a 17-year old wondering if a girl will lead him to the garden to have a romantic moment with him – yeck – when in any frame of history has that been known to happen? What I can’t get over is the cringey daydreaming of the events Taylor’s 17 year old character would like to play out used to be my forte – I used to own that shit and now I can’t run further from it.

You know an EP usually comes out before the album right Taylor? You’ve got it backwards! She leads into “the 1”, and then “mirrorball”, some good picks out of the full album. I try to pick out the lyrics like I used to be able to naturally with her songs but they escape me on folklore. The final songs on the EP include “the great american dynasty”, “invisible string” and “cardigan”. 

While Taylor Swift holds out for her daydream-perfect man, we have a cute and compact collection to listen to – it’s like the Apple version of Taylor Swift’s discography. 

Give the EP a listen and let me know what you thought in the comments below.

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