Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas

The development for each character greatly improved. Maas’ writing style has developed more than when she first started. This book wasn’t my favorite.  The plot was enough to keep my attention. Nehemia wasn’t the best character in this book. At first, she started out ok, but then she would constantly put her beliefs on Celaena every chance she got. It’s one thing for her to believe something, but not everyone wants to start a evolution and wants to live out their lives without any confrontation. It seemed like she was manipulating Celaena into doing what she wanted and din’t want to listen to what Celaena wanted to do. Another instant is the fact that Nehemia lied to Celaena throughout their whole friendship and even orchestrated her own death to make Celaena start a revolution, but it backfired.

Chaol was still not the most likable character. His loyalty to the crown often made him blind to what was right in front of him. The relationship between him and Celaena was too fast paced and had no real connection. Even though he was Captain of the Guard he came across as a follower than an actual leader. On top of his fast relationship with Celaena; when it came down to it he didn’t fully accept her when he found out she was fae he called her a monster. Chaol implied that he wanted to start a future with her, but his actions alone didn’t prove that he really and truly cared for her. Even when he found out that Dorian had magical powers he turned his back on him; not acting like a true friend.

In the end Celaena is sent to Wendlyn and her relationship with Chaol ends.

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