10 DIY Masks for Emergencies

During this Pandemic it has become a trend to buy several different masks in different designs and styles

However, some people aren’t so lucky and can’t get a mask or are scarce on the usual disposable masks

I found ten DIY masks on a Youtube channel called Simple Ideas,that you can have on hand in case of an emergency where you have no masks at all have certain circumstances or in a tight spot.

The tools that you will need in order to perform do these DIY is: Tulle, needle, thread, pieces of fabric, rubber bands, ruler, and string.

Lets Get Started!

  1. You will need a piece of cardboard that is (5 inch)14 cm in length and (7 inch)18 cm in width. Get two rubber bands and put them on two short sides of the cardboard side by side. Cover the cardboard with tulle and wrap it around a few times to get good coverage. Once it is secure remove the cardboard out of the tulle and staple it by the edges where the rubber bands are. and take the ends of the rubber bands around your ears.

2. This one requires an old used shirt. Cut the belly of the shirt and open it up. you cut in the middle until there is half of the shirt. You make draw and mark the middle of the shirt fabric and create a (8inch)20 cm length you start at the ends and cut in a straight line, once you reach the markings of the square you follow the line and continue to cut up, you will go back to where you started and cut the edges of the fabric as well. Now you are left with the edges that will be your strings. Tie the strings behind your head and there you go.

3. Take a (14 inch) 36 cm width and (7 inch)18 cm of tulle, have a thick piece of fabric string that is (31 inch)80cm long have a paper clip and unravel it until its flat. Put the paper clip in the middle of the string like a needle then wherever the other end of the paperclip goes insert through the fabric as well. You get the long string and meet the ends together get a needle and thread sew them together till its secure. Iron the tulle and fold it in half across then iron it again, this helps make it flat. Open tulle and place the string up and down on one side of the tulle then fold tulle over. The edge with the paper clip imbedded in the string you bend it and that adjusts on the nose. Tie the ends of string around your head.

4. Get a wet wipe fold it in half towards you and make sure it meets the ends. Then do a small fold by the ends and cut a smell circle in the middle. Once you unravel it, it makes the opening to place your ears.

5, Have a piece of fabric it measures (11 inch) 30 cm in length and (19 inch)50 cm width fold down towards you and meet the ends. Get a needle and thread and stitch at the ends of the fold on each corner that are closest to you.

Turn it inside out and fold in half across and repeat the last step with the string on one side that you met the corners from the folding and stitch the corners, then flip it. Within the folded fabric place the two thick string on each side facing up and down. Tie the ends of each strings on both sides to create openings where you put your ears.

6. Get a piece of tulle that is (35 inch)90 cm length and (15 inches)40 width fold up and down towards you measure across that it is (13 inch)35 cm and cut across till you meet that measurement mark. Whatever is not cut should be (8 inch)20cm in length which will looked shaped like a square, this will be where you cover your face. You unfold the tulle and you put fluff in the center of the square. You fold it back how it was before, and you sew around all edges of the square and make sure its secure. You get the ends that represent the string and tie it around your head securely.

7. Get a sheet of paper towel then fold a small section over, then flip it and fold again, keep doing this until entire paper towel is folded. Get rubber band put it under each side and bring both ends of the band to meet. You put one side of the band through the hole of the band and then wrap around and tighten it.

8. Get tulle two pieces of tulle that is 50-60 cm long and fold it in half towards you. Get cardboard and warp tulle in square. Take out the cardboard put the two long pieces side by side of the tulle square and the long pieces will be wrapped around your head.

9. Get a (8 inch)20 cm length and (11 inch)30 cm width fabric square and do a small fold over then flip the fabric and do the same thing, repeat until there is nothing left to fold. Get a rubber bands and put the hole through each end of fabric. Fold the excess ends of the fabric and staple at the bottom.

10. Have some tulle fabric that is (5 inch)13 cm long and (14 inch)36 cm width fold it towards you then fold it across. Whichever side you finished the fold you will cut the top corner off it should look like a triangle shape once you start cutting. Once that is finished go down and cut from the tip of the corner inward and stop, by this step you should see the top fabric making a right triangle shape. You will go to the bottom of the fabric where you started that cut and just cup upward, this excess piece should look like a small square. Unfold the fabric, you created the holes that will be around your ears.

I hope these quick easy DIY masks will be helpful and be useful when you are in a pinch.

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