After beginning production for the filming of the series’ third season, the set of The CW’s “All American” is shutting down on Oct. 5 after a member of the production tested positive for COVID-19.

According to an article from The Hollywood Reporter, the production member, who was asymptomatic, discovered that they were positive through a test constantly given to production members by Warner Bros. TV. It is unknown if the member was a part of the cast or the production crew but it has been said that the member has been quarantined and production will begin again for the series on the 6th.

Other CW series including “Riverdale,” “Batwoman,” “Charmed” and “Nancy Drew” has also had production shut downs. For these series, all of which are filmed in Canada, the production shut downs come after delays in COVID testing in British Colombia.

Season 3 of “All American” is set to return during January of 2021 along with many of The CW’s other series.

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