We Sat Down At A Virtual Roundtable With Sevyn Streeter | INTERVIEW

Last month, Sevyn Streeter released a new track from her upcoming album, Drunken Wordz x Sober Thoughtz.  Her previously released full-length LP Girl Disrupted and EP Call Me Crazy were welcomed with rave reviews, and many are saying she’s back with her first release “HMU.” 

Born Amber Denise Streeter, the Haines City native, is also the same prolific writer who wrote hits for Ariana Grande (“The Way”) and Chris Brown (“Fine China”), as well as for Brandy, Kelly Rowland, Fantasia, Tamar Braxton, and many more. Get to know the artist in this exclusive roundtable interview hosted by Southern Laced.

Sevyn Streeter’sThoughtz on…..

Working and creating during COVID?

It’s hard for everyone. I ask God, and I’m like, ‘what do you want me to get out of this?’ There’s no real blueprint for what we are dealing with now. The world slowed down- screw the music industry. It put things in a realistic perspective for me to take time out and find new creative freeness in music.

“HMU” creative process?

This was a pre-COVID song. Let me paint the session for y’all. We recorded at Paramount, had some tequila or Henny, can’t remember, and we passed around some jays and had some dope convos. Smash David sent me a pack, and 4rest helped me too. We’ve been friends for years; he’s like my brother. We spoke about relationships and dating life. Being under the influence can be a moment or a connection, and it all manifests in different ways. It’s an expression of freedom to be euphoric.

What do you pull more from creatively, your stories, or the lessons?
‘Freedom’ is my word for this moment. I love talking, and I love deep convos. I’m tired of people thinking they need all these permissions. My music is meant to be a mouthpiece for those who can’t find the words.

Thank you for using your platform to highlight BLM and Breonna Taylor. What compelled you (to do so)?
There’s no real difference between her plight and my own. My momma can call me with bad news any second of the day. We’ve all been victims to some degree at this point. We are all Black out here, so I mean, if it can happen to Breonna, it can happen to Amber (that’s my real name). I have to make it a point to protect the people who, at least, look just like me.

Who is your dream collab?
Drake. He’s emotional, I’m emotional, who knows when that will end up, but I think it would be dope.

Living In Faith?
God really helps me, I don’t mean to preach, but depression was very real for me. You have to understand that each thing that happens to you, God brought it to you. And it’s not over until it’s good. I don’t even have bad days anymore.

Thoughts on Chadwick?
He was a powerful person, and we felt it through the screen. I met him one time in Hollywood at this random bar with Lil Rel Howry. I just said, ‘hey,’ but he seemed so cool. He left a whole world of goodness that looks like us.

How important is it for Hollywood, the music industry, and Black artists to discuss mental health in their music?

The only way we learn is by speaking out. Some people don’t even know how to acknowledge it. Do they think Black kids are bad in school? No, they aren’t just bad. When I’m having an anxiety attack, I literally talk to myself and question myself to check myself. “Like why am I even here? Why do I even care? Did I do something? Did I not do something?’

“HMU” up is the introduction to Drunken Wordz & Sober Thoughtz. Entertainment One released the track and accompanying video for “HMU” produced by Smash David (Big Sean, Chris Brown) and written by Sevyn. Watch the video below.  The album is slated to be released at the top of November. 

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