Ghosts, Cryptids, and Murder: Creepy Videos for the Halloween Season

1. The Fallen Angel of Catalonia

This spooky video is a classic. Part of its charm is found in the low-quality, shaky camera as some men explore a field, relying only on a flashlight to guide themselves around. They stumble across a number of large, white feathers scattered on the ground, before discovering a humanoid figure curled up in a bush. The figure seems emaciated, bald, and possibly a bit grey in color, but it’s weirdest feature by far is its glowing eyes, which you’ll see as it faces the camera. Also, pay attention to its back, where it seems to have the stumps of torn-off wings.

Many people consider this video effectively debunked after someone released a video entitled “Making The Fallen Angel,” which shows someone getting into prosthetics to look like the creature, but others claim that the creature in the video appears much thinner and stranger than prosthetics would allow. Take a watch and see what you think!

2. No Through Road

This video has been thoroughly debunked as a horror short film, but it’s an absolute must-see if you’re a fan of found-footage style horror. In these 9 minutes of video, you’ll follow the story of a group of young boys as they drive to an abandoned farm and meet their untimely ends. The camerawork and acting put into this project is extremely impressive, making it worth a watch as you get into the Halloween spirit.

3. Ghost Caught On Doorbell Camera

This doorbell camera in Florida captured footage of a half-transparent figure moving across the screen at a slow, drudging pace. It fades in and out of transparency and seems to make a shuffling noise as it moves, as though interacting with leaves or twigs on the ground. Naturally, there are loads of claims that this video is fake or is simply a glitch of the camera, but others are convinced that this is footage of supernatural activity.

4. Man Gets Lost in Catacombs of Paris

This documentary-style video follows an investigation team as they try to find a man who evidently got lost in the underground catacombs of Paris. The man’s camera was found on the ground, showing him getting more and more panicked as he explored the dark hallways alone before dropping his camera on the ground and running. What could have caused him to abandon his camera like that? What had him so spooked? And why can’t anyway find him?

If you like this video, you should click on Part 2 after it’s done. The full story is split into two parts on YouTube, so you’ll need to watch both for the full experience.

5. Ghost Car

This video was captured by a cop’s dashcam as he’s engaged in a chase. The chase starts out pretty normally as the driver tries swerving and racing to try to escape arrest. For a second there, you can even see the driver! However, things take a turn for the weird as the car appears to drive through a fence without stopping. This video still baffles everyone who watches it, so take a look and see if you can make any sense of it.

6. The Cleanwater Demon House Investigation

If you’re looking for some longer content, here’s an entire paranormal investigation of the Cleanwater demon house, a place where 12 people have lost their lives. The investigators capture plenty of paranormal activity: an entity warning them not to step on nails, a bike being pushed over in an empty room, a shadow figure that they report is the best they’ve ever seen, and more. It’s scary stuff, and it’s all right there for you to see.

7. Entity Interrupts Online Class

Zoom classes have become more and more common during this pandemic, but no one expects to see an entity creeping over their teacher’s shoulder in the middle of class. The teacher swears he was alone in his house with only his dog as company, but his camera reveals a pale, dark-haired girl creeping in the shadows on the right side of the screen. Is this a ghost, a stalker, or an elaborate prank?

8. Strange Creature Living in an Abandoned Pool

This strange video was recorded by a pair of teens who were breaking into an abandoned pool late at night. Their adventure goes downhill quickly as the camera pans to a doorway, where a humanoid figure is seen retracting its leg and during towards the camera, gazing at it with glowing eyes. Some people believe that these teens have captured footage of The Rake, a popular creepypasta, while others think it’s an anorexic woman wearing swimming goggles. Either option is scary in its own way. You may need to pause the video to see the creature, because the moment after its seen, a loud alarm sounds and the teens run off.

9. Creepy Clown Visitor

A lot of folks aren’t exactly huge fans of clowns, especially when they come to our doors in the middle of the night and stare at our doorbell cameras before walking away slowly. After the many clown incidents in America, there’s little doubt that this footage may be entirely real. This isn’t what I would want to find on my security cameras, that’s for sure!

10. You Have Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia is a difficult disorder to navigate, and can be a heavy burden for those who have it. This video seems intended to replicate hallucinations caused by Paranoid Schizophrenia and has a haunting effect. The first few frames of the video lead us to think that we’re watching a normal haul video, but then we notice the odd lampshades and picture frames. Things only go downhill from there as the video distorts and changes in an odd, eratic fashion, before finally ending and giving us our diagnosis.

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