6 Things to Do this Fall Season 2020

It has been a challenge to entertain the kids and family because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many family members are stuck inside and can’t afford much to keep the fall season up and running.  Trick or treating is a risk and many families do not know what is open for the public to do in terms of gathering in small groups to celebrate the Fall season.

There are 6 Fall activities you can do that will be low budget, fun, and easy to do to keep your family, especially your kids entertained this month.

  1. Corn Maze

Grab your masks and your nicest sweater, visit a farm and do a corn maze. This is geared towards kids and small children, its simple walk and stroll that you can enjoy the simple sights of pumpkins, leaves, and Halloween themed decorations. Hot drinks and doughnuts after are the best combo to end the day.

2. Hike through the woods

Yes, especially with this cool fall weather, grab those hiking boots and that mask and go hiking. There are many hiking places that are open to the public, with social distancing and safety precautions of course. Feel the leaves crunch under your shoes and connect with nature again and let the silence relax you and lower your anxiety, let all the troubles of the pandemic melt away.

3. Create a fireplace indoors/outdoors

I do not mean get piles of wood and light a match. It is hard sometimes to be outdoors because of concern. One fun and alternative way is to get skewers, chocolate, marshmallows, graham crackers, and Sterno fueling cans and light the can in the middle of a table (be mindful you do not want an accident) put the marshmallows on skewers and roast under the fire. This is fun for everyone of all ages and a simple cheap way to make smores.

4. Make your own costume

Many people want to put the usual cat ears or shirts they find at a store and call it a day for Halloween costume. However, kids are much more creative than that. How about using recyable material, old fabric you have poking around in your linen closet, or some cardboard boxes, get some paint and decorations and get started, it can be a fun project to do with the family and afterwards do a fun family photoshoot.

5. Make your own candy/sweets

Its time to let the creative juices flowing and let the sweet tooth take over. Making your own tasty treats is an activity the whole family can do together while enjoying the fall season’s sweet delicacies such as caramel apple, apple cider, cinnamon sugar doughnuts, and anything pumpkin.

6. Make crafts using Autumn Leaves

Some may find it difficult to gather several materials to create an art project. Why not use the most common and plentiful item that can be the central part of your craft: leaves. The fall season is known for colorful leaves of brown, yellow, red and orange to be scattered on the floor. Gather some and bring them home, using your creative mind make decorations and other creations to keep the young ones busy and have joyful experiences.

I hope these simple ideas will make your 2020 Fall experience with family and or friends more memorable and enjoyable as we try to adjust to this new normal.

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